Amplifier recs for Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M?

My primary system consists of Aerial 10Ts driven by a ML 334, with a ML 38S and a ML 390S. I listen to classical, jazz, rock, instrumental, vocals, and some R&B. I have been very happy with this system but recently caught the all-too-contagious upgrade bug, and we all know where that leads . . . . So I am selling my 10Ts and replacing them with the Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor Ms and the REL R-305 sub-base system. I LOVE the SFs with the REL. I will stick with the 334 and 38S until some point after the SFs are broken in, but I already know I want to see just how good I can make the SFs sound. My $$$ limit for both amps combined is $12K; I prefer to purchase new electronics. Thanks in advance for your comments!

I am currently using a Mcintosh MC402 and a MC275 on my Cremona M floorstanders with very nice results. The biggest thing that comes to mind about the sound is how smooth things are. One of my listening buddies totaly concurs. I swap out the 275 and the 402 to get different flavors. the 275 has just a little sweeter sound, and the 402 has huge balls and a better grip. The 275 sounds way more powerful and in charge that its 75 watts might sound on paper. I would recommend either. E-mail me if you have questions.
Hello Ibog1,

Thanks for sharing your experience with the Mcintosh amps. The MC275 was already on my short list but it is good to hear positive things about the combination from another SF Cremona owner.

What preamp are you running with the MC amps?
Just to mention an alternative, I am using a Music Reference RM-200 with Cremona Auditors (originals not M). The RM-200 is a 100wpc hybrid amp that uses 4 KT88s in the output stage.

I use a Modwright 36.5 preamp and a Meridian G08 cdp. Soundstage is wide and deep. Voices are fantatic with a "you are there" quality. The combo is also a stand out with stringed as well as brass instruments.

The RM-200 gives up very little in bass impact to SS (e.g., Tricked-Out Odyssey Monoblocks). You may want to read the RM-200 review in Stereophile.

I am running the c2300. A top notch very versatile pre with a fanatastic tubed MC/MM phono stage. Also has a HT pass thru. I can't say enough about this pre. The pre, amp, speaker combo is pretty much end game save for the "upgrade bug" thing. I also use the Yter (sp) speaker cable. My dealer gave me 30% off because of my prior purchases. I felt that the speaker cable made a big enough difference to warrant the purchase. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Recently I bought a pair of new Cremona M, I'm half italian and I decided to call SF in italy to hear their recommendations because all Sonus Faber speakers are very room placement dependent then when I asked about amplifiers they just said "there are many good amps brand out there we use audionet and we are very satisfy with the results" personally I have a Lexicon LX-7 wich I use for my HT but I am looking for a new stereo amplifier and I like MBL but maybe I finnish buying a Burmester amp.
ARC amps are very good with Sonus Faber
I have heard the MA2275 Integrated with the Cremonas. Nice.