Amplifier recommendations for Adcom/Paradigm Ref.

I own an Adcom GFP-750 preamp,Paradigm Reference Studio/100 version 2 loudspeakers,LAT International top-of-the-line interconnects and speaker cables,Pioneer Elite Dv-47ai universal dvd player, and Sony ES cd megachanger.I listen mainly to pop, rock, and jazz music.I am looking for exceptional bass control and extension, high sound levels without compression,detail, openness, speed, and an open, airy, and extended top-end with no roll-off at all.I also want exceptional imaging and soundstaging, and clarity and transparency top to bottom from a power amplifier.
Between the Parasound HCA 3500 [USED],Adcom GFA 5802, Rotel RB1090, and Carver A-760x, which would you most recommend for my above system?
Also, how does the amp you named compare sonically with the McCormack DNA-225?
Get the Parasound, especially don't bother with the Carver (I own a Sunfire, and have owned a 860x) it is gutless. The Parasound is a nice amp than the Adcom, the Rotel is nice but the parasound will provide the most current and bass control over any of the amps you stated. Then spend the savings on some powerconditioning for your front end. (Hydra or PS Audio Powerplant) to really go to the next level
I would have to agree about the parasound. If you are open to other suggestions, look for a used bryston 4b st.
The 5802 is quite a sweetheart amplifier. It didn't sound like I expected. It has more of a warm liquid mosfet sound than anything. You might want to give one a try since you are already using the matching preamp. Heck you can resell it pretty fast if it doesn't work for you.
I owned all 3 of those amps in 2000. And all 3 are great amplifiers for the money, especially used. All 3 accept balanced inputs too which is great. My personal choice would probably be the Parasound amplifier. It needs to be kept on permanently and takes forever to have one break in, but its got great bass definetion, midrange and top end are pretty good too. If you spend $50-$100 for some materials at a local fabric store and HD you can make some really nice sound control panels for the room, this is a great amp to get.

Next in line would be the Rotel. Really great smooth relaxing midrange out of the box, with good bass extension and good headroom too for dynamics.

Adcom, its a great all around amplifier. Really warm midrange, does everything really good, but not great.Best way to sum it up.