amplifier re-break in?

My aloia amp doesn't go into standby mode anymore. It stays on all the time unless I turn the main power switch in the back to off. I have noticed severe sound swings typical of component break in. Lifeless and harsh to overly ripe and bloated to absolutely beautiful. I guess the capacitors have to recharge every time I power up now, although it can sound pretty fantastic sometimes upon turn on. Pretty frustrating. If I leave the power on the amp there is a very low-level hum through the speakers. This hum disappears immediately upon preamp turn-on. Anyway, I just wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced anything similar or can explain further what is happening? Thanks much. Twc
I am not sure what's happened in your amplifier, but, I feel that you should not be turning your amplifier on or off without the pre-amp already being on, and, in the case of a tubed pre-amp, already semi-warmed up itself (usually a minute or two). FWIW. Hope your amp problem gets solved, though. Happy listening,
It may be difficult to pinpoint what is causing your system to move from "lifeless to absolutely beautiful". Just for your consideration I have found that most quality "high-end" systems will reproduce exactly the quality of the source recording. In other words, there is nothing quite as bad as listening to a crappy recording on a quality system. Have you had this "lifeless to beautiful" swing using the same exact music source, i.e., CD, vinyl, whatever?