Amplifier pairing with Martin Logan Motion 20s ...?

Whilst I know a little, I wouldn't say I'm super-clued up on the physics around amplifier-speaker pairing.... which is why I'm here as I'm sure many of you are clued up!

My speakers are Martin Logan Motion 20s. I love them, and I feel like, whilst they won't be my forever speakers, they'll certainly be around for the next 10 years or so.

I am however looking to upgrade my fairly entry-level amplifier, a Marantz PM6003.

Being the relativelty current-hungry speakers that the Motions are (4 ohm nominal impedance), I'm wondering if anyone has insight as to which of the following integrated amplifiers would pair particularly well with these speakers. My budget is in the $AUD3-4k range ...... so, ~$USD2.5k, or ~£2k....
  • Naim Nait XS2
  • Rega Elicit-R
  • Moon 240i
  • Yamaha A-S2100
  • Musical Fidelity M5si
  • PrimaLuna EVO 100 (the outsider, being the only tube on this list)
More than happy for other suggestions.... the above is mainly based on what's actually available here in Australia at that price range.

Thanks in advance for any opinions on the above!
I am sure any of those amps would do you well with your ML's but I will throw in my own suggestion also.

I have the motion 40's and love them also, paired to a Vincent SV-500 Hrybrid Integrated and I feel they sound great together,  no matter what I throw at it.

Since you have a higher budget, I would recommend you also consider the Vincnet SV-237 mk, which always seems to get great reviews from users.
Thanks Jay73 - I had actually forgotten about Vincent, and your post reminded me that I liked the look of them when I saw one a couple years back. Wasn't able to listen at the time, but I'll be sure to now. They have the SV-237 here in Australia and well within my price range, so it's definitely now on the list! What reviews there are on the web seem to be unanimously positive!