Amplifier, less than 10 Watts, for PHY speakers

I need an advice about a little tube amplifier, to drive phy based speakers. Thank you
Sophia Baby or Glow Audio. Owned the first, heard the second in my home.
The Jolida FX-10 is a 10 watt EL84 amp, reasonably priced and good-sounding.
You can also look into Decware.
I love my Sophia Baby.
Build a ST-35 clone, or ask someone who is into DIY to build
it for you. Lots of info about it.
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I'd definitely consider a Yamamoto SET amplifier. Do you have a price limit? Are you using the 30 cm (12") Phy driver? Coincident, ,Wavelength, Audion, Melody, Magnetic Line, Art Audio etc. There are quite a few choices for you.
I don't often recommend SET power, as it can prove inadequate to meet the mettle of the typical loudspeaker. That's not to say I'm not a fan of SET, as I most certainly am. Just that I think a lot of folks overreach in trying to pair the two. However, the Phy drivers mate with SET amplification in a most special way.
I use the 30cm cu, in open baffle. I could go to 1500$ in the used market.
Thanks, that price limit rules out most of the amplifiers I had listed. The Sophia Baby and Decware are still viable choices however.
I own both a Glow Model One and a Decware SE34.2+. The Glow drives Merrill Zigmahornets in the bedroom and the Decware hits Zu Druid MkIV/08s in the big rig. Either would drive the PHYs just fine, but the Decware has more of everything, hence the varsity placement. I've owned an Almarro A205A in the past, and it's fabulous too. There are a lot of great choices in the 5-10 watt range.

TSAKIRIDIS Devices AEOLOS. I compared it to a Sugden integrated around 6000$. Winner : AEOLOS.
Save up for a good pair of SET monoblocks.
I only heard PHYs once and that was in a pair of Musical Affairs Grand Crescendos in a Manhatten apartment. They were driven with a Leben CS 300, which was easily more than they needed, but REALLY sounded nice!!
PHY drivers are certainly special:)
Thank you all of you.
I'll keap looking the Thread about 300b/2a3.
I use the Decware Zen Torii with the Musical Affairs Grand Crescendos. I'm convinced there is no better amp for these drivers.
I use an S30 Atmasphere OTL with my Ocellia PHY speakers and it beat out my $50,000 Kondo 2A3 Souga amp...nothing but pure delight.

(Dealer disclaimer)
Even after 2.5 years, I continue to be thrilled every time I listen to my Auditorium-23 Solovox Hommage speakers driven by my Wavelength Cardinal X1 mono blocks.
4musica, I just looked up your speakers. Very interesting and very nice indeed!!
I will have to agree with your choice of the Wavelengths.
I use a pair of the Cardinal XS version with Beauhorn Virtuoso speakers.
(8" Lowther DX4)
How does the Auditorium 23 compare to your previous full range multi driver Devore Silver back, any trade offs? Your current amp-speaker combo seems very enticing.
Isochronism - Thanks. The Solovox are indeed interesting. Together with the Cardinal monoblocks, their sound is seductive and addictive. I looked up your speakers as I had not heard of them. They are very intriguing!

Charles1dad - In going from the Silverbacks to the Solovoxes, I gave up frequency extremes, the capacity to listen properly to large scale classical music in that room, and the capacity to play music loudly in that room. But I have another very good system in another room that is suitable for the aforementioned Solovox "deficiencies." The Solovox is the best speaker I know of and can afford for solo vocals, certain solo instrumentals (especially guitar and strings), small ensemble classical, jazz, and blues, and even some small scale orchestral works. If money and room aesthetics were less limiting, I would upgrade from the Solovox to the Shindo Latours and make sure they were properly attended with the best Shindo electronics.

OP - Have you considered Shindo amplification, e.g., the Cortese? I heard the Cortese driving my Solovoxes and the pairing was wonderful.

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OP - Whoops. I only now saw your budget response. There might be an LM Audio offering in your price range. Very, very nice sounding gear.

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What about that little Carver tube amp?
What is special in Yamamoto?. If you find them special