Amplifier for VPI Nomad

Setting up secondary listening area for VPI Nomad. Need an amplifier that can drive Revel Concerta F12. Am considering Outlaw RR-2150 or lower end Jolida tubes. Any thoughts or other recommendations?

So your real question should be "what amp for your Concerta F12's"? Your VPI really doesn't care what amp you use. Your speakers will.

Your Revels are fine speakers. So, do want a solid state receiver or a tube integrated? The models you site couldn't be more farther apart. Also what's your budget? Answer these two questions and I am sure you'll get some very useful replies.
Thanks for the response and question tips. Solid-state and budget is around 1 - 1.5k. Would be dedicated to the turntable/speakers and not used for anything else.
Your Revels are not particularly difficult to drive being 6 Ohm speakers at 90.5 Db sensitivity. There are many solid states choices out there that can get the job done. Also your Nomad already has a built in phono stage so you don't necessarily need this feature in an amp. Here are several that come to mind that should balance nicely with the rest of your equipment and are within your budget...
Marantz PM8005 - $1195
Rogue Sphinx - $1295
Music Hall A70.2 - $1499
NAD 375BEE - $1495
Any of the above have good power amp sections that will get the job done with your Revels. Some even have phono stages so you can experiment to see which one sounds best. I am sure you'll get more suggestions too.
Rogue and Revel .... Perfect together.
Check out my system. My Revel F-12's are driven quite beautifully by my Rogue Audio Cronus. In your price range and your preference for solid state, I'd heartily recommend the hybrid integrated Rogue Audio Sphinx.