Amplifier for Von Schweikert 4.5?

I just bought these speakers at an Audiogon auction this week and would like some amplifier advice for these speakers. The dealer here was running them with VTL 125 monoblocks and they did sound very good. I was looking for a few other amplifiers alternatives that would mate well with these speakers and not be overly expensive. I like to buy gear that is a few years old so I can afford more sound for the money. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.
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Congrat on the new VR 4.5s. I replaced the Maggie 1.6QRs w/ the VR 4.5s. They are very musical as I am using a pair of Bryston 7BSTs (amp)/Audible Illusions L1 (preamp)/ Accupahse DP-65 (CD Player). You can get a pair of used 7Bs for $2300-2500 to date on Agon. I hope this help a bit. Happy listening...
Very synergistic combo. I used to own both. This combo was on display at one of their top dealers for a long time. These have been displayed at previous shows as well, although now BAT is showing w/others.
Thank you both for your responses. I will look into the Bryston/ Audible Illusions combo and the BAT components.