Amplifier for Tekton speakers

I am looking for a tube amplifier to mate with Tekton Lore. Anyone has a successful story with your amp and Tekton Lore or similar?

My music tastes 80% with pop and easy listening jazz/soft rock.

Any directions or suggestions are appreciated.
Sometimes I wonder for high sensitivity like Lore, tube or sss preamp has more sonic impact than the down stream amplification.
I replace stock preamp tube with GE 5751 tube. The high edgy sound is gone and it is pleasurable to listen. Thanks Mikirob.

I am tempting to make one big upgrade - 845 tube amp :))
Update: Got Coincident Frankenstein M300B II to drive Tekton Lore. These monoblocs make the speakers sing the music. Caveat here is the amps cost a lot more than my Almarro A205II. I keep both amps for different rooms