Amplifier for Tekton speakers

I am looking for a tube amplifier to mate with Tekton Lore. Anyone has a successful story with your amp and Tekton Lore or similar?

My music tastes 80% with pop and easy listening jazz/soft rock.

Any directions or suggestions are appreciated.
I have used Cary V12, Cary 300B SEI, Primaluna Dialogue One, as well as Almarro 205 MK II, all with terrific success.
How do you compare your Cary 300B and Dialogue One against Almarro 205 when mated with Tekton Lore?
I have used the Manley Stingray and a DIY 2A3 amp, both sounded good
I was a little shocked that the little Almarro is as dynamic as it is, warm,
with great vocals, and is a real giant killer. You have to roll-in the right
tubes though. I got rid of the stock EH 84 and 12ax7. I have rolled in
Mullard, 7189s, Ei, and Gold Lion 84s. So far I like the 7189s the best. I
have substituted Sylvania 5751 3 Mica Black Plates as well as GE for the
stock tube. Soon, I will also try Amperex, JJs, and Shuguang Black
Treasure, or their Psvane counterparts.

The Cary 300Bs exhibit all the 300B attributes; it too, is warm, full, beautiful
midrange, bass is good, but not last word in slam, has nice organic feel.
Never fatigues.

The Primaluna does not have the stock tubes, I am mostly running NOS
Soviet Reflektor 6n3ce 6L6, NOS Amperex Bugle Boy12au7 with NOS
Sylvania 5751 3 Mica Black plates. This unit is nicely balanced, excellent
mids, bass slam, and a good treble, but certainly not the last word. In my
room each of these amps throw a wide, layered sound stage. The Cary is
the most lush. I'd like the Primaluna to have just a tad more weight and
fullness. Same for the Almarro, yet neither is thin.

All-in-all I like the Cary V-12 with these speakers the most; yet I like them
all for different reasons.

I should add that none of these units ever fatigue.
Tube rolling is all about system matching and personal taste.
I would like to keep this rolling for a little bit. I also just purchased a pair of the Lores. They should arrive in the next week or so. I currently have a Jolida jd502p, about 60 watts.I am curious if there are any satisfying SET amps out there that wouldn't break the bank.In particular my bank of under $1500.Also can the Lores really sound good on less 15 to 20 watts (i.e.2-3 watts)in a room 20x17x9. I listen to mostly rock,jazz and am starting to get into more small acoustic stuff.
Thanks in advance.
I've just purchased an Almarro 205 MK II with Teflon V Cap upgrade for my brother from a fellow A' gonner; he is going to use it with the Tekton M-Lore in a second system. Before my brother picks this up we are going to check it out in my system with the Lore. If I like the Teflon V-Cap I'll upgrade also with the V-Cap or something else after doing some research.
I'm using a Trafomatic Aries with my lore's with vintage Mullards and find the combo perfect. I have similar tastes to you and the Aries constantly surprises me with how well it can punch out the rock/pop. On jazz and vocals it's just magic. It took for me to get my head around 6wpc being enough. To the point I purchased a used Cayin A50T to see if some more power would be better. It wasnt long before the Cayin was up for sale again.
10-12-12: Wilson667
Also can the Lores really sound good on less 15 to 20 watts (i.e.2-3 watts)in a room 20x17x9. I listen to mostly rock,jazz and am starting to get into more small acoustic stuff.
I ran a 3-watt 2A3 SET amp with the Lores in a 12' x 13' room and it was enough for most of my listening. It would not be enough for me in your room except for low level small acoustic stuff.
So should I be looking somewhere in the 15 to 20 watt amp range (Almero a318b used?) for my size room? I guess I should also ask what the difference in sound charter would be between the Jolida and a SET or SEP amp?
My room is 16x14x9 and the answer is yes, Wilson; but not likely in your size room. The Almarro can play louder than I want to listen. I listen to a wide variety of music, almost any genre except Rap.
All-in-all I like the Cary V-12 with these speakers the most;

So, begs the question - why?

yet I like them all for different reasons.

Different reasons -- in that each is better suited for a particular kind of musical genre? Or mood?

WRT the Cary 300B, with the Tekton being a very dynamic speaker imparting a "live" presentation, does using the 300B detract too much from this kind of presentation, or does the 300B bring something more to the listening experience and is additive rather than subtractive?
10-13-12: Wilson667
So should I be looking somewhere in the 15 to 20 watt amp range (Almero a318b used?) for my size room? I guess I should also ask what the difference in sound charter would be between the Jolida and a SET or SEP amp?
I think the Jolida will sound very good with the Lores. I heard my Lores on my friends JD1000 which is the 100 watt EL34 version. It sounded great.
We're all different and want different things, so take this for what it's worth - I wouldn't look for a lower power Push Pull pentode to replace my 502. If I were to get something different it would be a different topology, like the single ended pentode 318 Almarro or a push pull triode or something. I say that because the 502 is a pretty good amp IMO, and getting another similar with lower power might not gain (or lose) much.
I like the Cary SET 50 watt triode push-pull the best because it has most of the attributes of the Cary 300B midrange with large amount of headroom, more solid bass, a little more extension on top, has a little more weight and dynamics. For me and my ears in my room, tops all the others mentioned in my post, yet each is good.

My parents were musicians as are I and my brother. I know live music intimately. The Lore is live sounding. Dynamic. I have used EL 84 tubes in amplification often, among others. I like their sound. The Almarro acquits itself nicely, but a different presentation as one would suspect, very quick and lively, great for Jazz, Folk, Folk Rock, Pop music. It does not do as well on large scale Classical, especially when it all gets going and is complex; yet it is still good.

The Cary V12 is a well-suited amp for the Lore, it adds a little more warmth, weight and fullness compared to my Primaluna, it is sweet and timbre is accurate, RRAT is slightly better on Primaluna, but really small difference. Bass is very tuneful.

I hope this stuff is what you were asking Finsup.

I believe, like Sebrof, the Jolida 502 would acquit itself well with the Lore. I wish I could inject some Wolf Garcia humor here.
I have enjoyed the Decware Mini Torii with Tekton speakers. Mini Torii offers a lot of flexibility with tubes to tailor the amp to your preferences. Really nice build quality as well.
I am currently using Almarro 205 II with Tekton, I found that the sound is overall good but not great. Specifically, the midrange is not warm enough and the high is a bit harsh. Maybe just because of the stock tubes as Mikirob point out.

I am thinking of directly heated triode (Almarro 205 is single ended pentode EL84 output) tube such as 300B, 2A3 or 45, if these are better choice than Almarro 205.
Interesting no one using SS amp yet. Anyone found a SS they prefer over valves with their Tekton's?
I wonder the same thing... It seems Tekton only attracted to the folk on the tube turf
I owned the Pendragons and ran them with a pair of Wyred 4 Sound mono amps (SX-1000s and SX-500s). They sounded terrific -- smooth, extended but never harsh, excellent imaging with dynamics galore. I had several people over to listen to the speakers and all were very impressed with the sound. I moved to the Wyred amps out of necessity (really hot here in AZ for 6 months of the year) but have really been pleased with them.
Nguyen787, seriously, you must replace stock tubes. Read the comments by Jeff Day in 6Moons review, he is right on the money. When I first received my Almarro 205 MKII it was a little bright and harsh on top, not warm with the Tektons at all. Try the GE WA 3 Mica black plates or Sylvania 5751 3 Mica black plates or grey plates, or what Jeff Day recommends. Same for EL 84 or equivalent. The Tubestore has a nice NOS 7189. I am also using Ei EL84, that get rid of the nasties, yet keeps the detail while adding the right amount of warmth with the Tekton Lore. Mine are nicely detailed with soundstage well outside speaker edge, good timbre, terrific PRAT.
Pace, Rhythm and Timing, musical flow.

I hooked up the Almarro to the Tekton Lore early this morning, took out the Ei EL84s and installed Amperex EL 84 Bugle Boy recommended in the Jeff Day 6 Moons review. It was quite nice: No edge, glare or brightness, yet outstanding detail. Large well-defined soundstage with nice layering. Musicality, timbre was excellent, musical flow was fast and tuneful, there was a richness to the sound, as well as just the right amount of warmth; NOT fatiguing at all. My wife and I listened to the RCA Living Stereo Box Set Sample disk, Ella Fitzgerald's "Best of the Song Books", Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Louis Armstrong, Dave Brubeck. Had a blast. It was fun
What you have described about harshness on the high and little lack of mid-range warm with the stock tubes are exactly what I experience with mine system.

I will follow your recommendations, see if any Amperex EL84 availables... where did you get your Amperex EL84 tubes?
Interesting no one using SS amp yet. Anyone found a SS they prefer over valves with their Tekton's?

If you speak to Eric, you will find that he is partial to ss amps. I meant to ask him last time I spoke to him which solid state amps he preferred or what he uses.
Didn't Eric like the small Red Wine Audio battery amp ?
Do not forget about the input/driver tube GE 5751 or Sylvania 5751 mentioned above they both make as much difference as the 84 tubes.
Nguyen, what speaker and interconnects are you using? I have used
Kimber 8TC speaker, PS Audio Statement, Goertz Alpha Core AG1, for
Interconnect, Cardas, Silnote Morpheus II, Alpha Core Sapphire silver.

I should also mention that I also have the Eastern Electric Mini Max DAC
currently connected. I haven't tried the Metrum Octave yet as it is currently
doing duty in my main system. I've been using the stock power cord.
Monster THX Ultra 600 interconnects between CD player Lexicon RT-10 and amp Almarro A205. The speaker cables are Acoustic Research 12-AWG (very generic) with banana connectors both ends.

You have quite an impressive equipment list!
Bottlehead Paramounts with 300B tubes with Lore and Eastern Electric DAC as preamp also.
I use Logitech Touch with Stereolab Digital cable.
Great sound. Even my friend with huge Pass Labs monoblocks likes it a lot.
Forgot to mention have to get Sophia Prince Mesh 300B for Paramounts.
Nguyen, I suspect you should find warmer speaker and interconnect. Cary with Tekton Lore is superb, likewise Primaluna with right tubes.
Didn't Eric like the small Red Wine Audio battery amp?

We did not talk about Red Wine although I mentioned to him I preferred tubes.

You might be thinking of comments made by the Part-Time Audiophile in his reviews of both the Tekton Lore S and the Red Wine Audio Signature 15.
Finsup, you're right, it was Part-Time Audiophile, my bad.
I've auditioned the Signature 15 in my system and a fellow audiophiles system and was very dissapointed. I almost emailed Srajan Ebaen to ask him what he was thinking.
It has no attack or liveliness at all. Very boring to listen to.
It had nice tone, but that was it.
I sent it back and asked Redwine to make sure something wasn't wrong with it. They told me there was nothing wrong with it.
It was flat lined for sure. Exactly opposite of why you would buy the Lore for.
I read somewhere said Tekton Lore are no cross-over design. Is it true? How can a 10" drive and a tweeter without a cross-over? This is intriguing.
The Lore does have a cross-over.

That's too bad but, of course, it is just another example of how important the entire chain is, including the room. At the end of the day, what works for one might not work for another.

Is your system current? I should read back through the other threads; I thought you also owned some Tekton speakers. I would like to hear the Triangles sometime.
10-19-12: Nguyen787
I read somewhere said Tekton Lore are no cross-over design. Is it true? How can a 10" drive and a tweeter without a cross-over? This is intriguing.
What some manufacturers do is run the main driver full range, and simply a capacitor (or other simple network to balance levels) before the tweeter to keep low frequency singal from blowing it up. My Tekton Katz Meow are like this I believe, from visually looking at the XO.

I also owned Tekton Lores for a while (great speakers, only sold because I started building my speakers). They have a pretty standard crossover (3 caps, 2 coils, 2 resistors).
So at this stage it still seems most prefer valves with their Tekton's. Interesting!
The Red Wine was so lifeless in my friends system that he had to bring it to mine to make sure of what he was hearing was correct.
Once put in my system, it just confirmed that the amp has no liveliness. No dynamics, no attack. His other amps had all of the things listed and mine also had it all.
But the Red Wine Signature 15 is lifeless. Very boring to listen to.
Sophia Electric 91-01 300B monos have amazing dynamics, great high and low frequency extension and bass impact. These amps can rock - or "Pop" in your case. Listening to electronica as I write, actually. Plus they don't cost oodles. I purchased them as a step towards a low wattage tube system. until I can afford more efficient speakers, they surprisingly drive my Rega R5's (89dB/6ohm) nicely with only 8 watts. Using a Shindo Aurieges pre-amp by the way.
I'm running my Lores with a HEED Obelisk Si w/ X2 power supply and couldn't be happier. Highly musical, with great bass, dynamics, and PRaT. Best of both worlds imho.
Zman - I read that you have Almarro A318B. Have you ever hooked it up with Tekton Lore? If so how does it sound?
Nguyen, I had the Almarro A318B on the Lores and it was a fantastic combo. The Almarro has quite a bit of bass with SET mids and wonderfully smooth and extended highs.
Very high current that made the Lore's very lively and dynamic. I thought it was a great marriage.

Not too many Heed owners around; glad you chimed in. I like the review that Johnny Darko did on them awhile back.

I also hope to hear from CJ SS and Pass Labs owners.

I spoke to Eric today, and dang if I forgot to ask him about SS amps. I got side-tracked on something he mentioned and didn't remember until coming back to this thread.
Sometimes I wonder for high sensitivity like Lore, tube or sss preamp has more sonic impact than the down stream amplification.
I replace stock preamp tube with GE 5751 tube. The high edgy sound is gone and it is pleasurable to listen. Thanks Mikirob.

I am tempting to make one big upgrade - 845 tube amp :))
Update: Got Coincident Frankenstein M300B II to drive Tekton Lore. These monoblocs make the speakers sing the music. Caveat here is the amps cost a lot more than my Almarro A205II. I keep both amps for different rooms