amplifier for Tannoy

Hi all,

I just bought Tannoy Arundel loudspeakers.It use dual-concentric 15" drive .I am on the hunt for a integrated amplifier for Tannoy.I am considering Luxman L-550A (20W into 8Ω /A class).It can drive well Tannoy Arundel?Thank you in advance for your assistance!!
I'm not familiar with the Arundels, but Tannoys work well with a wide range of amplifiers. I'm using two polar opposites currently, a 9 Wpc SET 300B, and two Class D Audio CDA 254 amps bridged to mono, @500 Watts into 8 Ohms.

There are some very highly regarded pairings of Tannoy/Luxman, some Luxmans more so than others. I recommend you Google Hans Hilberink's Tannoy website, much information regarding this pairing can be found there.

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I think that would be a great pAiring! As dan said they work great with a wide variety. My current fave is an 845 amp.
With very efficient speakers you need something really clean or you may get some noise. For tubes, maybe a VAC Avatar, and for SS look at an Ayre CX-7 or a BAT 300ix. Whatever you decide to get, the preamp section of the integrated needs to be considered just as much as the amp section.
Everyone,thanks for your opinions.Tannoy is good speakers and need you to adjust carefully.
I am useing Luxman L-550A (20W into 8Ω /A class).When I heard the drums sound that does not reproduce the drum beat well,It's not clear .Luxman L-550A can not drive well?