Amplifier for Sonus Faber Guarneri EVO's

I have a pair in Walnut on their way and I am doing a complete reset of my existing system. Very curious which amplifiers people have had great experience with while paired with the EVOs. I am open to both tube or solid state and would also consider a high quality integrated. My source with be Bryston BDP-1 and BDA-1. I like the option of running balanced, though single ended is fine too.
Congrats. I have owned the original Guarneris and then the Strads so have some familiarity with SF. I have heard all the SF speakers and auditioned a few quite seriously except the Fenice/Sonus Faber (limited edition of 30).

My comments are based more on the original, but I have spent a reasonable amount of time with your Evos.

In general, I found that the Guarneri Evo sounded 'great' with lots of medium to high powered tubes and solid state equipment. What I also found is that it responds surprisingly well to high current amplification in the bass and control. So don't necessarily stick with medium power will put high quality high current to good use.

For some reason, the only caution I personally had was with using powerful SS that was not really really mellifluous...I always like the Krell Evo400 with the non-Homage series SF, but never with the Homage series.

OTOH, I love SF Homage series and Gryphon Class A SS.

If I were to come up with suggestions, depending on your budget, my two fav would be:
- CJ ARTsa
- Gryphon Diablo
- ARC75
- Berning (which Franco Serblin used to use on his Strads)

One man's opinion. Good luck.
Still waiting to receive mine (EVOLUTION), they will be paired my LAMM M 2.2
+ the LAMM L2 REFERENCE, might be a nice match. There is also in the LAMM
line up the M 1.2 (Hybrid design with 110 WPC of pure class "A"). That might be affordable when bought on the used market. According to at least one reviewer the HEGEL power amps are doing and heavenly match with the S.F. Guarneri Evolution

To follow !!!
I think going all Bryston could work well. The Guarneris like current, so a 4B SST2 paired with the BP-26 would give you all that and completely balanced giving you lots of flexibility in equipment placement. Pretty cost-effective too.
I have heard the Evo's paired to the Rowland model 625 and also the ARC Ref 75 and Ref 150. All good matches.
Depending on budget, I would say the new Rowland 825 would be a great match.
The Bryston 4 BSST2 is an amp I have owned in the past, though it is not a true balanced amplifier - only has XLR inputs. This irritated me once I found this out after I purchased it. I sold it a few years back. It is very powerful, but not the sound I am looking for. A little too heavy handed for my taste. I may try a new Primaluna Dialogue HP amplifier. It makes 85 watts with KT-120s and a little more with KT-150s. Also considering a Hegel H200. Still weighing options. I am very anxious for the EVOs to arrive. I have Olympica II's currently and have had very positive experiences in the past with monitors in my room. Floor standers seem to be a little bit too large for my relatively small 11' X 15' listening room.
I would suggest the McIntosh MC452. I use that amp with my Sf Auditor Ms and it mates well. I will keep the amp but update the speakers to Sf GM or Evos someday.
I own the SF Evolutions and pair them an Accustic Arts Power 1 integrated. While I not auditioned them with a tube integrated I will say I am very happy with my setup. I feel the Power 1 does a wonderful job of maintaining the magical midrange while also having extended highs and solid bass.

By the way, my room is 10x11. I just added some room treatments and have been floored by how great they sound. Please keep us updated Bavarian05 and Roccl007!
Hi, my last experience was with Sonus Faber Olympic 3, the amplifier is an integrated Devialet really worth a listen this integrated amplifier, Digital class, now have a new model with technology called SAM, which acts in real time on the speakers and the room .. I could listening ..

on the other hand a good friend has the old Extreme and his sound are angels with amlificacion Krell ...

Looking at these very speakers (in Graphite) and have been looking into the ARC VSi75 to drive them but happy to hear what you demo/ultimately decide on...

Please keep us posted!
Vineman55, my Evolutions are in the graphite color. While I think the walnut and red is very nice, the graphite is spectacular looking. There is a dimensionality and subtlety to the finish that I just love! Good luck.
The EVOs should arrive on Friday. I am very anxious for them to arrive.
I purchased a couple of options to try for the time being - a Rega Brio-R integrated (something for background listening that doesn't burn up tubes) and the new Primaluna Dialogue HP integrated with EL34's and also
KT-120's. I am selling my ARC Ref 10 preamp currently and until that moves, I need to conserve audio cash...also ordered the new Audioquest Earth Interconnect (replaced the Colorado) and uses the Teflon Dielectric and also the newer Rocket 88 speaker cable (72v DBS). I will try some tube rolling with some premium NOS 12AU7s too. I love this hobby and love trying new combos. Really looking forward to the new stand mounts, my room is relatively small and seems to appreciate a smaller speaker. :-)
Hi Tboooe,
I have admired your system pics numerous times. I went from a smaller simpler system in the past up to a fairly complicated system recently with larger speakers, many boxes, balanced cabling, etc. and always felt it was a bit too much. Your system is the epitome of what I find to be an attractive simple and clean looking system. This is what I am going after again now. Nicely done! Which room treatments are you using? Which locations and which brand did you go with?
Which cabling have you EVO owners found to be a good match?
I understand that cabling will depend on other components, though most cable brands have a bit of a "house sound" in my experience and wondering what type of cable benefits the EVOs? I am considering the newer Nordost line, either the Heimdall 2 or Frey 2, though open to ideas.
Hello Jason, should receive mine also by friday. For the cables with my ancient ANDRA 111 i found the STEALTH cables to be on the bright side of neutral. I much prefer over the PURIST AUDIO DESIGN line. All my system got the PAD also my speakers will be bi wired. Got also few power cord from TARA LAB (ZERO) that are very good as good as the PAD
Bavarian05, I use a combination of Viscoustic panels for
absorption and diffusion and RealTraps Mondo Corner bass
traps. I use Vicoustic Cinema Round panels for the first
reflection points on the sidewalls. These really helped to
widen the soundstage quite a bit. I use Vicoustic MultiWood
on the front wall as a combo absorption/diffusion panel
which helped to sharpen up the focus. The bass traps had
the biggest impact by far. The sound got more clear, notes
especially highs linger in the air more, overall soundstage
now envelopes my entire room and bass increased
dramatically. My next step is to see if absorption on the
ceiling further improves things.

As for cables, I personally use Tara Labs but I know a lot
of people use Nordost with the Evolutions.

Bavarian05 and Rocc1007 congrats on your purchases! Please
post pics when you get them! You will not be disappointed!
Congratulations for Tommy latest system, you really do your homework !!!
Keep in touch..
So did you guys get the speakers yet?? I am excited for both of you! BTW, get your back limber...those stands are heavy and awkward to carry without damaging the "strings" that run from top to bottom.
Mine arrived this morning. :-)
It good and bad dealer mistakenly shipped only one of the stands...Boo! Oh well, mistakes happen, were all human and he's a good dude. He is overnighting the other one to me and it will arrive tomorrow.
A little hard to assess the sound when one is on a bar stool and the other it's proper stand. Different heights, different rake angles, etc. they are absolutely stunning in person and much larger than I had anticipated.
The stands are really beautifully done and much nicer in person than they appear in photos. Also bought a Primaluna Dialogue HP with both EL34s and KT-120s and a Rega Brio-R. A new Audioquest interconnect should arrive tomorrow as well. Pretty excited for tomorrow to arrive!
Congrats...sounds like a beautiful setup. Look forward to reading about it after everything is setup hopefully tomorrow. Congrats and enjoy.
Bavarian05, congrats sort of! :). I am listening to my Evolutions right now and loving them. Getting room treatments really allowed these speakers to show me what they are capable of! And yes I agree they are larger than expected. I look forward to hearing your impressions.
Hello, i pick up my EVO S.F. at the MIRABEL airport (FEDEX ) this afternoon, red violin, open box like in new condition not even broken. I gave you a report later on. Thank's to a well know famous store down in Florida. 3 separate boxes, one wooden crate for the head's weighting in at nearly 300 pounds (3). Poor instructions manual but it sound more like an musical instrument follow
Thanks Rocc1007. Looking forward to your impressions. Would love to see pics of that beautiful red violin finish. So between you, Bavarian05, and me we have all the Evolution colors!
Speaking for myself, gents, ownership of an SF Guarneri is owning a collector's item, a true piece of audio history, a gem. Looking back through all the names and models that have come and gone...Quads ESL57, Apogee Grand, Infinity IRS, Wilson X-series, I personally feel the Guarneri is surely on the short list in the hall of greats.

It is a fantastic speaker line from the original all the way through to its current incarnation. Congrats to you and enjoy...look forward to hearing about them when setup and nicely settled in.
Lots of photos of the new setup up on Audio Aficionado and also Audio Shark right now. I will eventually update my profile system on Audiogon too, but it is a lengthy process by comparison. :-)
Also added a VPI Classic One in black with a DV Karat 17D3 cartridge this afternoon. Pretty excited. My back is killing me from all these huge boxes...!
Nice Bavarian05! I will check out your system on AS! Any quick thoughts on the sound??
I love them!
The cabinet construction is worlds better than my previous Olympica IIs.
The rigidity and vibration control is amazing! There is no sense of cabinet sound whatsoever. I'm pretty impressed, though they need some time to break in. They have maybe 15-18 hours on them right now.

I also just updated my system here in the "Opinions Please" section if people care to see some photos...
T he absolute best ,great soundstage , micro detail , where everything sounds transparent and natural, is

WYETECH LABS RUBY 211 with RCA. Radiotron tubes

Hello Jason, you could finally see my set up in going in virtual system, done for now under ELROCCO SET UP. Comment about the sonus faber EVOLUTION to follow
My friend Mr Accoustat also post many pics of my set up in Audio Shark right now
Pavpet, you are using your Wyetech's with your SF GH's and NOT the SF GE' that not so?
Hello Folks i am done, you could go in "REVIEW" to get a look to my modest appreciation of the SONUS FABER EVOLUTION.
Devialet G-Premier good match for sonus faber EVO's, need your help. Anyone have experience? sounds like Devialet could lack power? help would be appreciated thank you...

Beautiful system. I am sure it sounds wonderful. I had Evos and regret selling them. Enjoy them and your wonderful gear in great health.
Bavarian05, do you still have the Sonus Faber Olympica II's? THe reason I ask is that I am interested in purchasing them and also have the Primaluna Dialogue HP Integrated Amp and a VPI turntable. What do you think (if you still have the Olympica II's)? Always looking for a used pair if you ever want to part with them :) Best, David