Amplifier for Revel Studio v.1

I recently purchased a pair of Revel Studio v.1's. My next step is to purchase my electronics. I have been reading alot of reviews about the Primaluna Dialogue monoblock sevens. I am wanting to place an amp next to each speaker so I have the shortest speaker cables possible. So my question is are these 70watt monoblocks enough to power my new Studios? Thanks in advance for your responses!!!
the revels need tons of power--i use 250w/side with my f32s. i just don't see 7ow cutting it--you'll hear much more bloom and low end extension with much more juice.
Levinson, Krell, Parasound JC-1's, Classe. You will need at least 250w/c of high current power.
I agree with the others who stated you need lots of power with the Studios.

I used to own a pair, (for five years actually), and I quickly determined that the Mark Levinson No. 27 amp, (100 wpc), that I owned when I bought them, was not nearly powerful enough. (I think that by only having 100 wpc that the woofers were sucking up so much power that it affected the rest of the frequency response.)

I then upgraded to the ML No. 23, (200 wpc), and the sound was much better. Not only had the bass tighted up, but everything seemed to be more musical.

Eventually I upgraded to the hybrid Lamm M2.1 monoblocks, (200 wpc), and these refined the sound to such an extent that I feel they brought out the very most that these speakers could present. (And, to be honest, they also showed that my amps were now a bit better than the Studios, so I upgraded to the EgglestonWorks Andra II, but that is another story.)

That is my two cents worth, and Good Luck in your search!
Thanks for the responses!! Lots and lots of power!! I can go for that!!