Amplifier for Paradigm Studio 100 v3

I am in the process of selecting an amp for a used pair of Paradigm Studio 100v3 speakers. From reading the forums, the one consistent piece of advice for these speakers is to provide them sufficient power. Can anyone provide some insight into some amps that have the following characteristics:
- solid state
- sufficient power to drive the 100s
- warm (or at least non-bright) in character
- <$1000 (used is ok)

Paradigm 100s haven't been horribly hard to drive - a legit 100 to 125 per channel has been sufficient (depending upon listening habits, room, etc.) and more sure doesn't hurt. You should be able to find yourself a fairly long list of amps that fit the bill. Anything that we tell you will likely be as much a list of "what I bought" than the results of careful and extensive A/B'd comparisons. I can vouch for an ancient Hafler DH500, a loaned McIntosh, a B&K, an Odyssey (current choice, but remember the TIA disclaimer earlier) etc. - all worked, but the final preferences are mostly personal so may not work for you. If I had to rate or compare I'd say the B&K was fine but lacked the "presence" of the Odyssey (so actually maybe better for you if you're worried about brightness). I'd suggest you go peruse the Amp section here and wait for a deal that catches your eye.