Amplifier for Martin Logan CLX

Hi there
I have owned CLX reference for few years
But am finding it hard to get an amplifier which
Is suitable
I mainly listen to classical
I have all accuphase front end and. 3800 preamplifier
Stealth ic s and speaker cable
Although I like reliability of solid state most I have tried sound thin
On clx and run out of puff quickly
When I have tried valves the speakers seem to
Open up have vivid timbres and sound stage and three dimensionality
And amazing micro dynamics
I have read JV say the Soulution 700 are great
As a musician correct timbre is very important to me
Getting the woody sound of strings and brassy sound if brass
I find is make or break

So I would love suggestions you have heard
From views these are a few I am interested in
Boulder monos
Soulution monos
Accuphase a200
Vtl Siegfried
Audio research monos
Cat monos
This is not an exclusive list
Prefer answers from people with CLXs or heard them
I have heard all these amps
But not in Australia and not on my clx
I will end up having to buy without trial as no dealer within 300 km
Hence my dilemma
Thx for advice
Hello Aws.

I auditioned CLS, but then made a bad decision and bought the ML Prodigy 2. They are now in storage.

When in the main system, I biamped the Prodigies with Atmasphere M60's and Bryston 4 SST, until I got tired of the cone/panel mismatch, and then turned off the Bryston. VERY nice sound above 120Hz, and the Atmospheres sound good in a friend's Quad ESL system.

Therefore I would add Atmasphere to your short list. Just my opinion.
Thx I have wandered about the Atmasphere

Years ago when I was junior to Hifi we had an atmasphere

I borrowed the m 1 and pre 1

Was most amazing experience I had had
I would have bought them but didn't have the money

Interested in any other experience with OTL
Either atmasphere or Einstein

Interesting with a bass panel impedance of 100 ohm
Otl bass should be amazing !
I do have a pr of martin logan clxs with depth subs running with arc ref150
Amplifier,it runs fine with this one but keeping my mind to sell it and get a pr of vtl 450 or bigger. Vtls amplifier runs perfect and you should listen them.
They are a sure thing, or running with otl amps,