Amplifier for Magnepan MMG

Hi all,

I just today picked up a lightly used pair of Magnepan MMGs. I'm absolutely FLOORED by these speakers. I have on issue though. My current amplifier, the Onix SP3 MKII, is fabulous but I fear clipping if I drive these to high volumes (I've not experienced this yet at my low volumes, but I want to avoid it all together). At any rate, I'm considering a new integrated amplifier to replace this one. All tube isn't an option at my price point (<$550 used) but hybrid may be. So far I'm considering the Jolida 1501RC, Cambridge 640A v3, and the Rotel RA-1062. All are highly reviewed, but would have historically been a good match for the MMGs? I can find a lot of info for amps for these, but most are currently out of my price range (give me a break, I'm in college!). I've got no problem with an amp/preamp combo, but it would still need to fall into my price category.
Use what you have now.Watch the volume.Spend the money on your education.Don't worry about upgrading until you graduate and start making some decent money and can afford to.Just my opinion,humble as it may be.Good luck with your studies.
David your on the right track with your education. I would look at some of the older classe model amps such as the
DR-8 at a good sale. I would also recommend the old amber series 70 amps. There powerful also built well even though they are getting a little long in the tooth. They can be had for under 150.00 on this site and Ebay. Also for real cheap and built well are some of the older Radio Shack PA system amps the 250 can be had for well below 125.00 give and take a couple of bucks and should run your maggies rather well. I left out tubes only because the powerful ones are out of your price range and tubes will eat funds up. I hope I helped with my offering and the best in school.
Thank you guys! I have definitely thought about just using the amp I have now, but I can sell this amp and buy the new amp without really having to spend any of my own money (and college is paid for!). Definitely going to look into the DR-8, etc. Thanks.

First...welcome to a hobby that promises a lifetime of enjoyment!

As you've already discovered, MMGs need some juice to sound their best; I'd look for an NAD C370 - should be able to find one for less that your stated budget. Many of us started with NAD gear and many of us still use NAD gear! See online reviews. The sound is not exactly "tube-like" but very enjoyable nonetheless.

Pros: plenty of power to drive the MMGs, pre-out/amp-in to enable future incremental upgrades, built-in headphone amp, remote, quality construction, good value sounds great!

Good luck!

Consider picking yourself up a used integrated Wyred 4 Sound.
Lot's of bang for the buck and it sounds some what tube like and will do a great job of driving your speakers.
I use the Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000 monoblocks on my 1.6's and am very happy. I have used other good amps such as (different models) Plinius and Krell but I prefer the Wyred 4 Sound.
I've used a luxman R117 receiver(160w/ch and stable at 2ohms) with my 1.6 maggies. It should cost $250-325 on Ebay etc. and will be more than enough for MMG's. The luxman M117 amp ($350-450) is probably overkill at 200w/ch. A used Classe CAP151 integrated would also work well ($1000). I suspect all you really need for MMG's is a luxman R115 receiver (75w/ch at 8 ohms and stable to 2 ohms) and it will only cost $150-200 (as much as a good pair of interconnects) to try out. These luxman receivers have excellent tuners and a CD bypass switch for more direct sound. I had to spend 5-10 times as much to get better sound with my lector zoe pre-amp and innersound esl amp for my larger speakers.