Amplifier for Krell KRC 3 - B&W 803D

Hi guys,

I need your suggestion for an amplifier.

I am using Krell KRC-3 as my pre-amp with a pair of B&W 803d. I think they are fit pretty well because the Krell can fill the lack of B&W's bass range.
Now, I am looking to get a 200-250W amplifier that may fit in between both of these.

I was thinking about Krell KAV-2250. But Since Krell is popular with the bass range, I'm afraid if I loose the detail from the high range sound. That is why I am looking an amplifier that has bride characteristic.

Any Suggestion?

Thank you
I have the predecessor to the KAV-2250, the KAV-250a. Just because Krell is known for the bass control, doesn't mean that it is poor in the midrange and upper frequencies... The strongest attribute of the KAV's is the neutrality. Nothing is out of place.

Try the FBP or MDX series Krells, they have models in the 200-700 watt range and will easily drive the 803's
I agree with Audiojan about the Krell. I had the 2250 with a pair of 802 series 3. It was pretty flat from top to bottom. If you don't have to have a Krell, I have heard the 803d's many times with Musical Fidelity electronics and they seemed to work very well.
I have the B&W 804s that I power with a Krell FPB 400cx with great bass control with great midrange & upper frequencies. The more power you can give the B&Ws the better they will sound.
What do you guys think about the KSA-200s??

By the way, thank you for the suggestion guys. Those are really helpful.
The KSA 200s was my first Krell amp. It was a nice amp with good bass.
There is synergy with a BAT VK 200 balanced connection. Almost tube like but with great slam and bass.