Amplifier for Kharma CRM 3.2F

How big an amplifier do I need for Kharma CRM 3.2F, have just bought a pair of these speakers, will have them within 10 weeks.
Have a small room 153ft2 with 9ft to the ceiling.
I was thinkin single-ended 300b (10-15watt)
Has anybody tried this?
I would suggest Wavac of some kind. If you can afford the HE series your in for a surprise. They sound like nothing else. However I do think you should give the Italien made Master Sound amplifiers a seriouse listen as well. The Master Sound 845 parallel single ended monos are extremely good.
I would probably want more power than a 300B amp.
Kharma and Thor work exceptionaly well.I would demo a pair of TPA 60s. I am using Thor TPA 30/and t1000 Linestage with
Kharma 1.0, wonderfully match. If my memory serves me Thor Audio uses the Kharma 1.0 at his workplace facility.
Tenor would be my first choice. Manley amps work well with kharma's as well. What ever you decide enjoy it, you have great speakers!
Some clarification in the WAVAC SET amplifiers:

The WAVAC HE series offers models from 45w/ch to 150w/ch. All WAVAC SET amplifiers use the same capacitor-free signal path circuit, TANGO-based transformers and only 1 output tube per channel.

PFO just reviewed the HE-833 with a Kharma Midi loudspeaker.

The more affordable MD-805 monos offer 55w/ch and is based on the HE-805.
Tenor is the way if you got the scratch.
Check out the new to the U.S. Octave amplifers.
What suggestions did you receive from the seller of your speakers? The usual suggestions for Kharma are Tenor, Lamm, Thor and Manley, as already suggested here.
Consider LAMMs as well.
Got my 3.2f last friday, can only say they are as god as everybody says!! Have a pair of 14 watt full music 300B monoblocks from Cayin, they really sing on the Kharmas, but I need a little more power, so I will proberbly try some 805 monoblocks, or Air Tight ATM 211 instead. Know everybody says Tenor,Lamm,Manley and Thor, but I live in Denmark, and everything that comes from the US is really exspensive! Thank you for all of your suggestions.