Amplifier for Jordan JX92S Transmission Lines

I'm building a pair of transmission line Jordan JX92S speakers, and would like some advice on a complementary amplifier. They are not super efficient but not bad either (mid to high 80's)... a lot of people have used gainclone amplifiers with them in the past. (Is that the same as a Class D amplifier? If so, they have continued to progress).

I'd either like an integrated amp or I can hide the amplifier under my bed (it's for a bedroom system) and just have a small preamp showing. I was thinking maybe Naim, Portal Panache (I like this option because of good headphone circuit). Any other ideas?

Thanks, Peter
There's quite a few audiophiles using LM3886 chip amps. Here's an example on Ebay:

Talk to Ronnie Thackery at Carolina Audio for advice.

Thanks Jim. Is that considered a Class D amplifier? I've got the following amp already at home, built by Tim Rawsone:

"Built with the 'AD' version of the Hypex ucd180 module. A fast, rich open sound, with no grain or midrange glare. The power supply uses 4 x 15000uf panasonics. The toroid transformer is 500va 34-0-34 -- or 45 volt rails."

Would listening to this amp give me some sense of what the LM3886 chips might sound like?

Thanks, Peter
No it's not a class D amp. It's a class A/B amp on a chip. Check-out or for more information on this genre of amps. Here's a link to the National Semiconductor page for one of the common chips used.

Thanks, I'll give one a try - likely wait until one comes up used. BTW - do they have any propensity towards humming? I would likely leave it on 24/7, and wouldn't want an amplifier that would impart noise to the bedroom environment.

There shouldn't be any unwanted hum unless the amp is poorly implemented.
These amps are also called "gainclones". The 47 Labs gain card amplifier started the use of these chips thus "gainclone." I think you'll find them on ebay or audiogon. Most are DIY projects.

What about a Pass F5 clone? Would that be enough power?
Hi Peter,
Are you still building the speakers? I built a pair of pair of transmission line speakers using the Jordan JX-92S. please let me know if you woukld like to talk more about this.