Amplifier for Harbeth 40.2


I have Harebeth 40.2 speakers and looking for thoughts on amplification for them.

Currently I use the pass labs int-250 and like it but feel could be improved upon.

One recommendation was given by dealer was to go to separates and pass labs 350.8.  That would improve bass further but not sure would improve midrange where previous VAC integrated had advtg over Pass.

Another recommendation was Luxman 900u amp.  This probably gives me midrange improvement but seems less powered than pass pas int 250 and def far less than 350.8.


Look into the Digital Amplifier Company's (DAC) amp selection. I have had many different class A (Pass, ATC), A/B(too many to mention), and class D amps over the years. DAC's amps have a grain-less sweet clean tone, perfect bass reproduction, and all the power you will need! Plus you get 30 days to try them with a no hassle return policy!
I heard the 40.2 driven by Vinnie Rossi's newest design amps at Axpona 2018. Wow! I also heard the SHL 5+ 40th anniversary speakers driven by the LIO integrated at Axpona 2017. Based on what I heard I bought a pair of the SHL5+. As impressive as the Lio integrated sounded, Mr. Rossi's newest creation is a clear step beyond. He is a true gentleman and very personable. If you are so inclined I'm sure you could call him for more info.
I also heard (twice) the VR/40.2 combo at RMAF. Drop dead. My second favorite room of the weekend (same VR w/Spatial was my fave). If I had $30k to drop on electronics, I would get the VR in a heartbeat.

I have heard the Lio with the 40.2s as well. Much less expensive and sounds great. It is quite low power, however, and I think would limit you to near filed set up.

I would put the Ayre ax-5/20 on your list. Plenty of power, ultra-low noise floor, and very musical. 
I have them with Luxman 900u monos.
I am sure the luxman sound great but preamp mono combo north of 30K to replace integrated costing me 10K is too steep