Amplifier for Dynaudio Contour 1.3 mkII: Unison?

I have Dynaudio Contour 1.3 mkII speakers connected to a Quad 33/303 amplifier. Intend to upgrade with a new integr. amplifier (price range 1000-1400 EURO/US$)
Anyone who has experience with these speakers and the Arcam DiVa A 85 and/or Unison Research Unico?
Any comments about the differences between these two?
Any comments about possible differences with the Quad combo?Which other amplifiers in this price range would drive well the Dynaudios?

Source: CD NAD512
Thanks in advance

I wouldn't use none of the amps you mention.
The following amps will drive the contours without major compromises:
- Roksan Caspian ( only 70 watt but with amazing control and finesse)
- Musical Fidelity A300 (no longer available, but still worth looking for as demo or used and better than newer A3.2)
Other amps that are more expensive:
- Electrocompaniet ECI 3 and 4
- Classe CAP 101 and 151
- Accuphase E211
- Sony TA 777 and 7 ES

You could also opt for the cheaper NAD c370 (or, even better, the older 319), but then you'll compromise on subtlety and control.
I have a system with the Dynaudio Contour 1.3 mk1 and the Arcam A85. I tried lots of amplifiers on the dynaudios, even valve amps. One of the amplifiers I tested was the earlier mentioned NAD C370. In my opinion, the amplifier just sounds cold and unenjoyable. I did'nt like the combination and the amplifier failed in his duty after half an hour!
The sound of the Arcam on the other hand, matches the dynaudios a lot better. You should take a listen at this amplifier. My first opinion was that the low end was a little thin. But that is because there is so mutch detail in the mid and high region. Vocals are really astonishing! Give it a try.
BTW, d'ont buy an amplifier with less power than the A85. The dynaudios are really hard to drive because the efficiency is verry low.

Kind regards. Gert