Amplifier for Cremona Floor Standing Speaksrs

I have a pair of Cremona's and am considering upgrading from an integrated amp to separates. My current amp is rated at 85wpc into 8ohms & 130wpc into 4ohms. (Simaudio i5.3).

Will the speakers develop better sound qualities with more power - for example 250watts?

Tube vs SS?

I'm considering Simaudio P7 & W7, but need some advice.
more power will open them up a to the sound quality, the bigger simaudio is great.
Thanks Jaybo.

The reason I asked is the dealer set up an audition with another fellow who has cremonas with Simaudio P7 & W7 and I was floored by the differnce in sound. Of course his listening room was completely different - carpeted with some wall treatments, mine is a much bigger room with hardwood floors and a rug and a huge window. He also had a subwoofer, but even with this off the music was smoother and more detailed (hope that's not a contradiction). He also had a better CD player - a SuperNova.