Amplifier for Cornwall IV

I’m looking for SOLID STATE  amplifier for new to me Cornwall IV (NOT INTERESTED IN TUBES) due to current conditions thanks 
 I’m trying to decide between this amps 
I have the speakers next is amp and then Preamp follow by source
I have Cambridge Azur 851N and cocktail Audio X45 for DAC and  streaming duties also has classe SSP800  and Parasound Hint6  to use as Preamp only for now 
100% streaming and this set up is going to be in my garage MANCAVE
I listen to almost everything but blues , old school country , jazz and  reggae mostly thanks I appreciate any advice and recommendations 
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I think it all has to do with the music being played, the volume levels you want to achieve, and the control of those 15s you are expecting. Listening to Audioslave’s 1st recording ( just as an example), at loud levels, I can assure you I am using more than just a few watts from my modified ADA PF2501 amp driving my Lascalas. My Nuforce STA200, Dalaudio Retro 4780, Adcom 535 II, Yamaha P2075 ( all modified ), lose control and fall apart ( all, imo, are great little amps in their own right ). At lower listening levels, or with other types of music, they are all fine ( although different from each other ). I tried tubes ( terrible for what I want ), Pass ACAs, and some others, and they fail, big time. Enjoy !


you’re right  i have never been interested in tubes amps or so called 300B

i maybe interested in tube preamp in future BUT not any DIY 

right now I have SimAudio moon W7 , Classe CA-2300 and Parasound JC5 they all sound superb but Moon took my speakers to next level

but either way thanks @larryi  for your recommendation


If you want to elevate your Cornwall’s, the  Sanus AV Base, found on Amazon works well, and allows the Cornwall’s to develop a nicer, more three dimensional image with tighter, more detailed bass, and it also raises up the image to provide a more natural perspective. It’s not expensive, 90.00 each, (height raised is 5 inches.)


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