Amplifier for Cornwall IV

I’m looking for SOLID STATE  amplifier for new to me Cornwall IV (NOT INTERESTED IN TUBES) due to current conditions thanks 
 I’m trying to decide between this amps 
I have the speakers next is amp and then Preamp follow by source
I have Cambridge Azur 851N and cocktail Audio X45 for DAC and  streaming duties also has classe SSP800  and Parasound Hint6  to use as Preamp only for now 
100% streaming and this set up is going to be in my garage MANCAVE
I listen to almost everything but blues , old school country , jazz and  reggae mostly thanks I appreciate any advice and recommendations 
With such high efficiency speakers it would be soooo tempting to go pure Class A. The cleanest and quietest signal will reap the most reward. 102db efficiency indicates the first watts are the ones you will be really using so might as well have the best.  Some of the folks here can do the math but Class A will IMHO give you the best sound possible out of those Cornwalls.  30 watts of Class A should give you around 104db @ 20 ft away.  But if I had to choose from your list, the JC1+ since the first 25 are class A .  The Classe only gives around 3 watts of Class A  I think. Good Luck. 
Yeah, Klipsch speakers are some of the most efficient speakers made. You can run them with 10 WPC. That's good for you as it gives you a lot more choices for amps. But the ones you have listed are superb amps. I would add the Pass Labs INT 25. Very sweet amp. So is the INT 60 but you don't really need that much power unless you listen at high volume levels and want a little extra insurance against clipping. So many great amps to choose from.
I was thinking the same thing, a lot of power for those.   The INT 25 would be great .   INT 60 even better if room is big and you like it loud..   I would go the really good integrated route personally.  There are some seriously good integrated amps , made in USA for what you will spend on those separates.