Hi boys, this is my firs 3d in this forum and first of all sorry for my english.......I'm massimiliano from Italy and i have an audio reserch LS8-MKII preamplifier. In your opinion ....a good amplifier under 1500$ for my premplifier? do you know in general my preamplifier? thanks!
Today I've listened to the bigger brother of the LS8mkII, the LS16mkII. Very open, transparant, 3D and sweet. I've ben told the LS8 has a bit less 'balls' than the LS16. If you like detailed, sweet sound but also want enough power (for rock etc.) than maybe a combination with a solid state amplifier is your thing. I use Bryston 7BST's and love the big, powerfull and controlled sound. I might just have found the Audio Research preamp just a bit compromised in power and impact (oppossed to its great clarity and transparancy), thats why I will listen at the Bryston BP26 now.

Good luck
thanks Nanning, ill'try for a solid state amplifier (bryston, krell, treshold). i hope to find it under 1000$....