Amplifier Choosing


I have two option for tube amplifier,

First one is jadis defy 7, Power amplifier, which is second hand approx. 10 years old. But brand new nos tubes. It is 5000Euro.

Ihave antelope zodiac gold dac, I plan to use it's pre amplifier function.

Second option is brand new Jadis i 35 integrated amplifier 4xkt120 tubes. Also same price.

I am very thank you for your kindly helps. :)
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Which version of the Defy? Also, what speakers will you be using?
I would go with the 7 if your DAC has preamp functions. If you go with the integrated, you will be using 2 preamps linked together.
Than you for your responses
My Speaker Pmc 23 and my other question is if I Linked 2 preamps together(zodiac preamp is very well) any sound quality loss?
And are threre any chance to override integrated amplifier s preamp unit?
ZD542 is right. Also the older Defy 7 are excellent and fairly simple to repair if something goes wrong. Even if you managed to split the Jadis i35 and use only the "amp-part", from what I remember, the Defy is more powerful and has better dynamics. Also the Defy 7 is well known for its reliability. The price though seems a bit on the high side for a unit that is 10 years old.
As long as your room is not huge, I would go with the more current i35 integrated amp. The i35 will allow for more than one source to be used, it runs in pure class A and is relatively efficient and compact.

The Defy is out of production, runs in Class AB, draws a lot of power at idle, expensive to re-tube, runs real hot, and has had some reliability issues, needs a pre-amp.

Your dac has a high precision stepped attenuator; therefore, I doubt it will degrade the sound if used with a pre-amp. I also imagine that a lot of antelope zodiac gold dac owners run more than one source, therefore, a design consideration must have been given for use with a pre-amp or integrated.
Brf makes several strong points for the Jadis i35. Class A tube amplifiers
that are well implemented are tough to beat sonically. According to Jadis
their current production amplifiers have improved quality output and power
transformers. The PMC is an easy 8 ohm load speaker. Should match well
with the Jadis i35.