amplifier choice

currently have a Mcintosh c42 preamp and would like to find an amplifier to match it with. Most current Mcintosh amps are a bit above my price range used or new aside from older amps.
Can someone recomend an amp in the 2000-2500 range that would be a good match. am using Omega alnico bookshelf speakers. tks.
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has anyone heard class D amps as wyred for sound with a Mcintosh preamp or with Omega loudspeakers?
do i need a large Mcintosh amp with the Omega Alnico 6 speakers? while i would like an all mcintosh system they are rather huge and heavy for my setup. Class D wyred 4sound not sure of with Mcintosh preamp have looked at the mcintosh 252 which seems like the smallest Mac amp. currently using a Red Wine Audio 30.2 which is only 30 watts and feel i need a bit more power. can anyone offer suggestions.
"currently using a Red Wine Audio 30.2 which is only 30 watts and feel i need a bit more power. can anyone offer suggestions."

I find your statement quite strange.
No offense, but I have used Omega Alnico Super 8s with RWA 30.2 (30wpc) amp and there is absolutely no issue as far as power rating is concern.
In fact, I have used as little as 2.5 watts per channel with speakers I have worked on recently which utilized two 8" drivers per speaker in bipolar configuration with great results. In small to medium size room the volume pot never passed 1 o'clock mark which provided more then my ears could bare and without pushing my sanity to the limits.

You might have some other issues then power limits of your present amp which is more the adequate for speakers with above 90db sensitivity rating like Omega.

However, if you REALLY feel that power is to blame, contact Vinnie Rossi for recommendations. I know that there are few things that he is working on as we speak and it may present the solution to your problem.

One of the other alternatives could be Dayens Ampino amp.
I believe he finished developing new mono block which might interest you.
His amps are very well received by press around the World and offer great value.

Personally tho, I would never use SS amp (RWA and First Watt are exceptions) for reference quality playback with Omega speakers. YMMV.

Try a used Mac 7270 SS amp. I had one that lasted 18 years before I went to tubes, and the buyer let me know after 18 months it still works fine. 1400 to 1700 should get you a good one. Good luck.
Panu21, I agree with Mrjstark's observation. Thirty watts should drive that speaker with plenty of power. You may have an issue elsewhere.

I believe that speaker would mate well with an SET tube amp or push pull tube amp if you want more drive. IMHO you will be giving up a large measure of harmonic information and transparency by going to a ss or class D amp.