Amplifier and Digital Streamer on Single 15A Circuit?

I’ll shortly be setting up a new system, a Gryphon Diablo 300 Integrated (with DAC module) and an Innuos Zenith MK III digital music streamer/server.  

Unfortunately they will will be on the same 15A circuit in my house.  The circuit powers all wall outlets in my living room, but I can be sure nothing else is powered while I’m using my HiFi system.  

I know that many, Gryphon included, say to plug the amp direct into the wall and not use conditioners.   Also, I’ll be upgrading power cords to the Amp and Streamer, likely with AQ Hurricanes.

At first I was concerned it was only a 15A circuit, not 20A, but then I realized that even with the Diablo that has a max peak power consumption of 1900W, that during my use power consumption will never go high enough to trip the 15A breaker, unless I’m playing at insane volumes (I don’t).

I’m sure others must have run into this same issue. 

How detrimental will this configuration, having the amp and digital source on the same 15A circuit, be to sound quality?  And what remedies do I have - should I get a conditioner that will isolate the digital source at least and leave my amp plugged into the wall?

I hate the idea of plugging in an expensive piece of gear directly into the wall due to the possibility of a surge taking out the unit.

Use a shielded power cord on anything digital, and plug it into a unit like the Furman with SMP and LiFT. This is the cheapest I know of with those features:

Personally, I suggest you get it, and try your amp on it. If you like it, get a more advanced unit for your linear gaer, and use the strip for your digital and wall warty stuff.
Thanks for this.  Looks like this strip like this will help clean up some AC noise at a low cost.

One question is whether the strip would help isolate my amp from the digital streamer and noise it creates on the circuit?
I have my streamer-dac and integrated amp on a 15A non-isolated circuit. I am using power cords and plug it all into a PS Audio Dectet, plugged into the wall outlet. I like surge and spike protection for my rig. Like the sound I'm getting.
This Furman strip will not isolate digital. For isolation between receptacles you would have to move up the ladder in power conditioners. 
Erik suggested to split analogue and digital by using 2 different conditioner/strips.

Without dedicated AC lines you need to control the noise from the grid, your household appliances, and the contamination caused by digital devices.
PS Audio Dectet may be a possibility. It’s important to find a conditioner that is non-current limiting, meaning an amp can be plugged in without suffering a restriction in the power supplied.


I recommend a high quality power distribution block for your gear. I have all of my digital gear and amps plugged into Nordost QB8. I found QB8 to be very effective in isolating and lowering noise. One thing I appreciate about Nordost is their modular approach...once you settle with QB8, you can add Qv2 and Qk1 plugin modules to further enhance the sound of your system. Each component in Nordost power conditioning is complementary, the more you add the better it gets.

You may wanna read up on Nordost QRT system before you buy a brand X power strip. 

I started last year with QB8 and now have full QRT system.
I would start out in the garage or wherever that 15 A circuit starts..start there..make sure panel connections are TIGHT..have an electrician do this, IF you are not qualified and competent and MOST importantly SAFE.
Check to see IF your dedicated circuit is on same leg as bigger motors in house, furnace, freezer, AC, heatpump, refrigerator, etc.. IF possible move to opposite leg of panel.
I always replace the breaker in lanel unless I know it if freshy fresh ! they corrode, etc..

Next ditch the el cheapo outlet on wall for at least a Hubbel Hospital grade.

Next I would get a Furman 15i or better to plug the streamer, network switch, wallwarts and other trash generating junk into...

The big dog I would run into wall direct, unless you hear no difference by running it thru conditioner...

even my lowly 1961 MC240 sounds better direct into wall over a bevy of $3 K conditioners...

IF you cant hear a difference, consider trading the Diabo...ya overspent ( this is 99.324% a joke )

also try running the server/streamer off another circuit with a hyper quality extension cord..make this up w 12 G and Hubbel Hospital grade components.. TO evaluate what happens...then you can judge IF hiring electricians to fish an outlet will benefit you.

FWIW, I try to actually follow my own advice....5 dedicated circuits in my reference room just for audio..

have fun

sounds like you have fantastic components !!!!!!
Awesome advice, thanks all.  I think the Diablo straight in the wall will be the way to go, based on what most have said. 

I’ll upgrade my two wall outlets as well.  Possibly with PS Audio outlets which are inexpensive.

The Furman and Nordost options look good but so does the PS Audio Dectet.  The AudioQuest Niagara 1000 also looks good but much more expensive.  Any thoughts on the AQ?  I’d only be using the conditioner for the streamer.

Installing dedicated lines to isolate my streamer seems overkill to me, but my wife was actually telling me it wouldn’t be too big of a deal!!  Do dedicated lines actually help though?  Don’t circuits end up cross contaminating each other anyways?  I was inder the understanding that you have different circuits to manage current load, but that the circuits themselves are not really isolated.  Thoughts?