Amplification with Harbeth Loudspeakers

Anyone have suggestions for partnering electronics with Harbeths? I have Compact 7's and am considering Bryston or Audio Research. Any thoughts?
i just auditioned naim audio 250 amp and 282 preamp and it sounded fantastic!
I'd go with the Bryston out of those two.

they are an easy load and work with many things, tubes from 15w and up, or of course SS.

My friend is using a Meridian 557 amp, Meridian 502 preamp with the Harbeth.
Thats a great combination.
bryston is a great match with harbeth or spendor.
I've heard Bryston with Spendors and the pairing was really very good - most people say that Harbeths and Spendors have similar sound characteristics. I should admit that I have no personal experience with Harbeths, so take my comment for what it's worth.

Good luck!
Hi Dodgealum

I have had a pair of the Harbeth ES7's for several years now, and I have been very happy with the ARC D-130's. This amp has sufficient power and brings out all that wonderful inter detail that the Harbeths are so excellent at.

I have been very happy with this pairing.


I heard an older P3 with a Pass 30 watt amp years ago, and it was a truly incredible sounding system. Only other time I've heard Harbeths was C7s w/ a Belles 150, which didn't sound as good. This was surprising, esp. since I had used a Belles amp w/ Spendor LS 3/5s successfully, so I think it must have been the room, cables, source etc. I'm thinking of trying Harbeths myself, after owing a number of Spendors (among others). I just hope they work w/ my VAC. Good luck,

I heard the 7's paired with the Plinius 102 at last CES.
Damn fine sound...
the bryston/ harbeth combo is one my closest friend has used for many years, and is every bit as satisfying as my mac/gradient combo which costs much more. i used to own a bryston combo with spendor 1/2's and can honestly say that i enjoyed that set up as well as any i have ever ownwd and i have owned a lot.