Amplification to B&W 800 Diamond

sitting on theese beutiful speakers, and wanna upgrade on amps.

For the moment using two Electrocompaniet aw250 Bridged. with Ec 4.8. Emc1 up, nordost (from frey-Tyr)

sounds ok, but wanna go for the better!

Thinking about MCintosh, pass labs, Adyton,

hoping to get some respons from guys having the 800 Diamonds, or have experience with different setups, sound characterstics of the different brands used on theese loudspeakers.

thx already for answers ;)

Hi, Skrymar. I own B&W 802D and have been a long time fan of B&W speakers. After many tries and demoing many others with the B&W 802D, including some of the ones you have mentioned I have finally found amps that make my B&W 802D SING and SOAR like no other I have tried with them, for a price that is far less. Check out my post on "Hypex Ncore NC400" in the Amps Preamp thread. They are Veritas Mono blocks by Merrill Audio based on the Hypex Ncore NC1200 technology.
If you have any questions let me know.

Good luck, Al.
I am using VTL 450MKII amps with my older BW 801 Series 3 and love the combination. Think about high powered tube amps. I've used Bryston and Classe high powered amps and always returned to tube amps.
The 800's like the higher power amps. Whether you go with tubes or SS big power really makes them bloom. I'm running mine with the Mc 1.2k monos and can't complain.
I'm not sure what you hope to get from other amps... I have listened to your amps driving a number of speakers very well indeed!

Anyway, if you are adamant, I suggest that even more powerful amplification OR class A, are the way to go. So Adyton is a contender, they offer a hi powered mono. So is Krell, for that matter (though you may not like the sound if you like yr Electro). You might even consider used class A behemoths: MLevinson, VTL as suggested, AR 600... Keep in mind, however, that maintaining yr huge tube amp will be costly!

I have listened to these speakers extensively with German & Swiss class A amps (Symphonic Line & FM Acoustics).
thanx guys for all input here.

Its realy hard to make any decitions. Also not easy to audition theese speakers with different gear. Especially in norway. Think they even dont have the loudspeakers stationary in any shops. And not easy to borrow such heavy equiptment home either hehe.'

on one hand i feel that they realy need lots and lots of power, especially current. on one hand i wanna go for class A for better sounding.

i will try check all suggestions i get :)
I'm using Symphonic Line Kraft 250 monos that are Class A with my Revel Salon 2 speakers. The Salon 2s are less efficient than your 800 Diamonds, but the Symphonic Line amps drive them to concert levels effortlessly with great musicality.

Ignore their rating of 250 watts into 8 ohms - these amps are high current and are much more powerful than my Plinius SB-301 stereo amp that outputs 310 watts per channel into 8 ohms and is not exactly a weak amp itself!

You should ask gregm what he thought of Symphonic Line amps with the 800 Diamonds.
Hello Frank , I'm still using a pair of BAT VK1000 amps
with my B&W 800N , I use them in the bi amp mode .
Pre amp is the ARC REF3 ( modified )For me its a marriage in heaven !
Can't go wrong with those Symphonic Line amps!
I am running a pair of 800D model and agree these speakers like power and this really helps with the control and overall sound. I understand your model is not as fussy about this (particularly with regard to load). I am driving mine with an Edge NL12.1 (300w)with great success. The new Bryston 28SST monoblocks would be a good choice and I heard them driven by 4 of the new Classe monoblocks and it was stunning. A friend is driving his new 802's with McIntosh and this is a great match. I really like what I am hearing about the lower level (ha) Solution and Constellation gear and have a number of friends thrilled about the new Devialet D-Premier (240w)which includes a DAC and phono -all very high quality. This amp is being used to drive a lot of very pricy speakers at the recent audio shows.
I own B&W 802 Diamond and also have been a long time fan of B&W speakers. Also, I checked many, many amplifiers because these speakers are truly power hundgry.

My choice was a pair of Spectron Musician III Mk2 fully balanced monoblocks and along with my Joule-Electra LA-300ME preamp provide with the heaven. Pure heaven. Only having these power amplifiers I could hear (for first time?) real symphonic and orchestral music - the closest to true acoustic experience I ahve had with other speakers/amp compination

All The Best
Accuphase amps work very very well with B&W speakers. (If I am not
mistaken, Accuphase amps are tested on B&W speakers from the 800
series.) I've heard your speakers in an all Accuphase system (A-45 power
amp, C-2810 pre and DP-700 cd player) and the combination was
marvelous, outclassing much more expensive Gryphon and MBL system
(which I have heard in the same room).

To answer the original question, the A-46 power amp (45 class A watts into
8 ohm and doubling down till 1 ohm) will drive your speakers very well. The
A-65 (60 class A watts into 8 ohm and doubling down till 1 ohm) will do
even better, and if money is no object then go for the A-200 mono-blocks.

As other have mentioned already, the 800 diamonds do not need tons of
power, any quality high-current amp will make them cry like babies.

Good luck and keep us posted!
Hello all,

I am setting about finding matching amplification for my 802N. I have been playing around with amplification.

I have a MAC6700 receiver which offers 8, 4 and 2 ohm settings. On the 8 ohm, the bass is the most defined but the highs are a bit too forward. On the 4 ohm setting, the highs are very nice but the bass is toned down. I am single wiring the 802s as my receiver features single terminals.

Some things I have noticed: When I run the single wire to upper inputs on the speakers the highs are better defined. When I run the single wires to the bottom speaker inputs, the bass is stronger and the highs are slightly recessed. I am using B&W jumpers.

Another test I ran was to remove the jumpers and connect the MAC6700 at 8 ohm to the woofers and amp the mids/highs with a second high powered stereo amp. This has been the best result so far in terms of imaging, transparency of soundstage and bass definition.

So, I am wondering if I should try:

-running tubes to the top and ss to the bottom
-powerful tube monos only
-powerful ss monos only

I do like the sweetness of the MAC6700 but I feel there is more to be gained by fine tuning the amplification.
Pass Labs X600.5 is a very good match. I adviced it to a client of mine. He is very happy with it. It makes the low freq. a lot more powerfull. Speed is also important for the 800D. After the 800S I also thought about the 800D. But I stopped cause of the filters of the 800D. For the absolute sound a very deep and wide stage makes listening to music so much more fun and emotional. I had hoped B&W had improved this. I am affraid this Always will be there weakest point. In the world of the best highend an extreme deep and wide stage is a pre. Wenn it is not there you miss too much.
I have 800 diamonds (d2), any thoughts on mc1000 mono blocks?
To be used w oppo 105 and arc ref5se.