Amplification question - PrimaLuna Tubes vs. McIntosh Solid State

Hello all,

First post here, was looking for a little help on my new system set-up.

My sources for music will be fully digital using Roon to manage those assets. I have a PS Audio DirectStream DAC with Bridge II network card which will also be acting as the preamp. Speakers are Monitor Audio Platinum PL100 studio monitors with a REL Storm subwoofer.

I have never owned a tube system. My previous system was also a fully digital source music set-up (CDs) with Martin-Logan reQuest speakers, REL subwoofer, and Classe CA-300 amp. I have had to downsize those components due to physical space restrictions.

I honed down my purchase choices to either a PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP tube amplifier, or a McIntosh MC152 solid state amplifier. These are the only two models I am willing to consider at this time to keep things focused on this discussion thread. Links are:

This system will be going into my office, and will be run pretty much 8 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. As far as the type of material I listen to, it is a very eclectic mix of rock, classical, jazz, pop, etc. Very often I get to crank the system up to seriously fun levels when I am doing graphic design, Photoshop, and other creative tasks.

I would love some feedback from the community here on which choice, tube or amp, they would put into this system. Also, what kind of service life and realistic maintenance would be required with the PrimaLuna tubes being my first tube component if I go in that direction.

Thank you in advance for your help!



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Can recommend the PrimaLuna for service life and low maintenance, and for the sound, assuming that resembles the non-HP version I have. Haven't heard the Mac.
If you’re going to use the amp 8 hours a day 6 days a week you would be better off with McIntosh solid state!!
You could always try a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Pre fronting for a McIntosh MC152...  Sounds lush and rich with my Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESLs...  Would I recommend PrimaLuna?  Yes...  Would I recommend a McIntosh MC152? Yes...
To impress someone walking into office, Mcintosh is a statement and eye turner.
You're using it all day at the office, it's not for critical listening, go with the Mac. You and others will like it's sound, and there won't be any concerns, no matter how remote of failing tubes.