amplification match with MartinLogan Ascent i ESLs

I would like suggestions from audiogoners about amplifiers for this loudspeaker. I am currently using Pass XO.2 preamp and have Innersound ESL Amps(2) with XLO Unlimited interconnects and Speaker cables. These were used with a different speaker and sounded ok. Is there a better match for panels and woofers?
Blue Circle BC28 - an excellent match for your preamp and speakers.
I used to own a pair of ML Requests and used Clayton M70 monoblocks. The sound was GLORIOUS with this combo with an AI tubed pre. They are a high current amp that is hard to beat IMHO.
I've run MLs (Prodigy, Aeon) using ARC tubes and *that* is a beautifully liquid arrangement...
I've heard it said (by Martin Logan dealers, among others) that only tube amps really show these speakers at their best.

I've heard the MLs three times, each time with solid state amps--the last time with the Krell KCT/400cx combo. Although each time they impressed me in certain ways, at the end I never felt like owning a pair. So I'd be inclined to try them with a tube amp for sure.

Please report back your impressions if you decide to do so.
I have the Odyssey's and use a Mcintosh 352 which brings them alive. I had a tube mcintosh 2102 which sounded really nice but was no match for the 352 in this case. My dealer said tubes were not a great match on the stats. He was right in this case. Krell is not a good match.
VTL, Blue Circle, VAC, ARC, Conrad Johnson... take your pick, find a good push/pull tube amp with the appropriate power rating and current, you'll be in heaven. Forget solid state with Martin Logans...
Interesting about the Krell gear--I seem to recall hearing at one point that Gayle Sanders runs Krell gear, but can't remember where that came from...
Martin-Logans will work well with either tubes or solid state with the only requirement that you give them sufficient power. The comments about them only coming to life with tubes is widespread, but it's more a matter of personal taste rather than a hard and fast rule.