Amplification for Proac 1SC and Totem Model 1

I would like to own either of these 2 monitors someday. In your opinion, what solid state integrated amp ($1000 range - new or used) should be paired with these speakers?
I have the Totems, they are great, but require heavy horsepower to drive, 250 to 300+ watts. This will affect your budget.
i also have the model 1's and use a pair of Odyssey monoblocks to drive them. These speakers do require power to get the best sound from them.
I had good results mating a Pass Aleph 3 to the Proac 1SCs. In a small room, the 30 wpc 3's had more than sufficient power, and the amp's strengths matched the speakers well. (Check prior threads.)
have driven the proacs with a bryston b60....great amp, 20 year warranty and used in your price range
I have totem one signatures, i have driven them with bryston
B-60, good results, but in the end a little bit short on power. i amm now using odyssey stratos w/ B-60 pre-amp,
very good results-more of everything and less stress on
totems. totem acoustics supposedly used simaudio gear when
they designed model 1 and others. I also know a totem dealer
in Montréal, probably the biggest totem dealer,he usually gets first pair of a design when it becomes available and he sells Bryston with totem's higher models but prefers Conrad Johnson with Model one and Forrest. His fave is the Model one sig. and that's the one he pushes more PS- for those interested- this dealer discovered that Model one bi-wired di not sound right, so he went back to TOTEM and Vince agreed with him. this was confirmed by Vince to myself
at the Montréal show. so what they do now is put in a silver wire jumper between posts and you connect single wire
in either sets of posts. Totem put in that jumper when i had mine upgraded to signature. i love the model one, i keep trying other speakers but i end up sticking with my Model one sigs. great price for hi-end especially in Canada.
I have heard 1SC's sound great on a 2.5 watt (2A3 SET) amp and utterly great on 30 watts of tube (EL34 push pull). I think the trick is a very smooth impedance curve. Or pixie dust.