Amplification for piega p5-ltd speakers?

I am looking to tap the collective expertise of the audiogon community in order to make a short list of amps/pres and integrateds to drive my piega p5-ltds. I am aware that many piega owners like the aloia 15.01, so I would be interested in the pros and cons of that particular set up and sound. Any other recommendations are welcome.
Hi Corey,
I would suggest the tenor monos at only $20k. No, seriously, we need a price range to make suggestions. I have p10's and use rowland model 10's. I hear piega likes the german ss amps.{ classe, etc.}
Classe is Canadian.
I am primarily interested in an amp/pre combo which could be obtained used for under $4000 or an integrated in the $3000 used range.
I have had p8 ltd and now c8ltd and have driven both with the musical fidelity nuvista m3. It is a great combo I believe, lots of power but the finese of tubes. Used ones do come up in the price range you mention. I would highly recommend the combo. If any questions drop me a note