Amplification for my Vandersteen 1C's

I'm looking for an integrated amp with a phono stage and remote which will allow my Vandy 1C's to sound their best. Please give me some good ideas...Thanks
Vand. 1C should be easy to drive, so i would recommend to check into Linn Majic Phono 1200$ 33w but believe 1C's are 4 ohm it would probably be 66 w. also Anthem 1 integr. it is tube amp. i heard that Vand's sound at their best with the tube amps. And ultimately if you can afford CJ-55 no phono, but the mach would be unbeatable.
I use an old Denon 1025 125 watt receiver with 2C's. It sounds very good. I have heard the new $400 50 watt NAD is very good as well.
I had the 1B driven by Counterpoint SA12 amp. It is an exceptional tube sounding match. For the money you cannot go wrong with this combination! You may find used Counterpoint gear on Good luck.