Amplification for Monitor RS6

Hi all, I recently bought a pair of Monitor RS6 speakers and I was wondering if I could get some suggestions for amps that would mate nicely with them(I'm pretty new to Hi-Fi and dont know a lot about component matching yet). If you could keep suggestions in the thousdand dollar or less range(new or used) it would be appreciated because I am a poor college student. Thanks!
I have not heard the RS6, but spent time with the S2. They were driven by my audio refinement complete integrated, which I loved. So, you could try that, or maybe the small YBA integrated.
NAD integrated would be fine!
Thanks for the ideas. I was wondering has anyone tried a Cambridge 740a or a Parasound A23 with these speakers?
I have heard the RS6 and like them a lot. Given the nature of the RS6 speakers - I would look at a slightly warmer to neutral amp - like the YBA, NAD C372, new C375BEE or C355BEE, Unison Unico. Try the Cambridge with the RS6 before you commit to the paring. You might even look at a tube amp like the Onix Melody SP3 or Jolida 302RC...
I owned a pair of RS6 for a while. I would recommend a warm amp with powerful bass. The weakness of the speakers is that their bass never really comes out into the room to create a soundstage foundation, unless you have very good power in the bottom end.

If you can snag a Marantz PM15-S1, that would be a great combo. I used mine with a McIntosh MC7200 and it worked great - way better than a CJ MV55 did. Unison Unico would be a great choice as well. I also had a NAD C720BEE and would not recommend it, or similar, for these speakers because the top end would overpower the bass unless your room is tiny.

Not exactly a fair comparison for the NAD 720BEE to their three hundred series integrated's with respect to bass control and presence. The 372 and 375 have three times as much power (150W X 2) as the 720 receiver (50W X 2), and can lord over most speakers better than any other integrated amp I know of for under a grand. Now you still may not like the neutral to warm presentation, but the woofers will be pretty much doing what the amp asks them to do in real time.
Has anyone tried the Creek 5350SE with the RS6? I'm guessing it sounds pretty good because it is the reference integrated that Robert Reina of Stereophile used while reviewing these speakers. Any other suggestions for me to check out would be appreciated.