amplification for devore fidelity nines ?

hi to all.
im looking for amplification for my devore speakers gibbon nines.
i m tried few amplification like cary sli80 and ear 834 l preamp with nuforce monoblocks.and i dont be amazed by them.
i hear few suggestion of amp for my devore speakers but i cant test them or hear them in my country (very expensive to the dealer to bring).
i like to know yours good advices to me the options are :
1.leben cs600 2.pass labs int a30 3. Pathos TT Anniversary 4.shindo the enter level preamp ag.. something with maybe not expensive power like shindo levels lol research pre ls22 with them power vs 110.

what will be the best choice if i look for musical sound that will be amazed my speakers
thanks alot hope to hear from you
I would go with Leben or Shindo if possible, my next upgrade, provided the economy does't completely fall apart with maybe DeVore's 096 Orangutan.
I second Shindo. I'm running a Shindo Monbrison > Shindo Montille > Devore Nines and it's magical.

In fact i'm just about to pull the trigger on an upgrade to a Shindo Giscours so my Monbrison might be available in the next week.

You definitely will not be disappointed with a Shindo/Devore combo.

be happy to discuss more with you about my Shindo journey and any questions you might have.
how much it coast Shindo Monbrison and how is it in compare it to leben?
i saw hear in audiogon integreted of leben cs 600 for sale for only 3000$ what you think ? is it the same sound mark like shindo and the japanies sound ?
i will be gals to speak more even on mic in skype if you have
bye my friend
Nice system! When I get out to Ca next, stopping by Pitch Perfect.
The Shindo Monbrison may be the cat's meow, but the Aurieges while tonally beatiful is somewhat veiled and murky. Better values out there if you can't shell our for upper crust Shindo.
Well now that my Monbrison is posted for sale I just wanted to make that disclaimer. My opinion of Shido and Devore being a good match still stands and it should be noted that my Monbrison will be replaced by another Shindo piece.
Although I no longer own the Pathos TT, I really liked it driving the Devore Nines. Plenty of power to drive the woofers. Very deep soundstage.
I used Graaf GM50 with my Nines and it was a great combo.
Luxman L'590 A II was a great ss option. Naim SuperNAit also.
The real sleeper is Mastersound Dueventi and cheaper than the above options. Mastersound amps are terrific.

I have a pair of Nines, and have used a Shindo Montille, various ARC amps, Leben CS300, Firstwatt F5, various Naims from XS to 250.2. They sound great with all of them. They are easy to drive, and the bass is really amazingly deep and textured for the woofer size. I will say they really mesh well with Naim in particular.
If you can get that CS 600 for $3K, go for it!

The retail is now $6.5K.
Does the Shindo Montile a good match for the Nines?
The Devores have been always been quite tube-friendly, but despite their efficiency, it does seem as if they benefit from having some power- but it had better be some power with finesse. Our customers have been using our M-60 with that speaker and the feedback has been excellent.