Amplification for Dali MS4

I am still in amazement that as fine a speaker as the Euphonia MS4 is, that there still isn't a lot written regarding what related equipment people are using.

I am going to dump my HT and go back to 2 channel. I am curious if anyone who has these speakers or might have auditioned them with any fine 2 channel amps.

Some that I am considering would be Plinius SA102, McCormack DNA1 or 2 with Revision A mods, Edge G8+ monos or NL10, Pass X250 or McIntosh 402 or 352. I would be open to any and all suggestions. Preamp that I would probably be getting would be the Aesthetix Calypso. Still working on the CDP. For now my Meridian 506.20 is working just fine.

Thanks to all for your input.

Steve Bachman
Phoenix, AZ

Whatever you do PLEASE by an amp that is soft and warm. These speakers are so incredibly dynamic and detailed that they don't need the help of any amp to improve in those two areas. The bass and mid-range clarity is phenomenal! The transparency is also phenomenal. I heard some of the purest and most correct vocal timbre's that I've ever heard.

Unfortunately, what's rarely talked about (I don't how the professional reviewers and other owners omit this)is how unbelievably hot, searing and ear drum splitting the treble is on these speakers! I've never heard a speaker that I literaly had to cut the music off because the tweeter was burning a hole in my ear! The dual soft dome/ribbon tweeter...while able to reproduce every frequency including those frequented by cannines, needs to be tamed immensely.

Also, be careful with your cdp selection. I used an Esoteric DV 50 and X01 with these and the combination was unbearable. Same thing with an Ayre CX 7 and Krell SACD standard. All of these are very high end cd players that I've demoed on at least 30 other speakers with no problem.

I eventually had to use a Marantz SA 8260 (which is very musical but known to be colored in the midrange) as well as Zu interconnects (again known for coloration in the mid's and highs) to make the speaker listenable. And even even on certain notes or songs that high pitched searing would occasionally rear its ugly head! And for those wondering about the speaker cables they were all copper (AZ Satori Shotguns and Kimber Kable Bi-focal XL's).

Try one of the Classe, Primare or Cary SS amps...and a hybrid tube/ss amp may be ideal. Again, these speakers are so detailed that even if you use an amp that's colored or overly warm Idoubt very seriously you will lose any significant level of resolution or transparency.

Good luck!

I would have to agree with AVGURU. I own a pair of Dali Helicon 800's and have made the same obseravations as he. The treble is just unforgiving especially with some popular music. I changed my amps from Solid State(SimAudio P3/W3) to ARC amps(SP16 and VT 100). Much easier to listen to. I would therefore make the same recommendation, go with a hybrid. I've actually auditioned the MS4's with a Plinius SA102 before I bought the ARC amps, it just didn't do the same for me as the VT100. What you will get with the ARC amps is a very natuaral sounding combination of speaker and amp. Still detailed and highly resolving but without the edgy sounding highs.
I reviewed a pair of MS4's last year and never experienced the ear splitting highs that some others have. The highs that I experienced were brilliant, never bright or harsh. As a matter of fact, the mids and high were a strong point with these speakers and the bass is fast and tight. I do agree that a better match with these speakers would be something on the warm and lush side...tubes would be my first choice.
I installed a pair of MS5's recently, using the Mac 352 and c2200, combined with the ayre cx7 (new version). There was no problem with the highs. The sound was quite good, actually.
I did hear MS4 and ms5 with Gamut D200 mk3,directly connected to a Capitole mk2, no problem at all with the higs,unforgettable match. Tubes somewhere in the system....
I went to a local dealer in Oklahoma City today and we demoed the MS4's with three diff. amps. First we hooked up a Krell fpb 350 mcx it was great on the bass, tight, deep, and detailed. The highs was a diff. stroy they were in my face and harsh. Next we hooked up the Mcintosh 501's they were not as good on the bass but ok and mids and tweets were outstanding and very musical. The next amp we will try tommorrow will be the classe M400 mono's they are a combo of the Krell's bass and the Mac's mid and highs so we will see. The amp i'm thinking will be the one is the BAT 600SE it is the best amp on the market bar none for great bass and tube like mid and highs so i'm saving the best for last. My friend has one and it blows away Krell, Pass, Lev., Lamm, Halco is a toss up; but the BAT is a fourth of the price so it is a much better deal. There you have it the BAT vk-600SE is the best of the best according the Steve Huntley of Great Northern Sound in Minn. and he is the best Mod. guy in the USA he has opened up every Hi-end amp on the market and he told me the BAT is the best built and best sounding he has ever heard price no object. THE BEST AMP ON THE MARKET GO LISTEN TO ONE YOU WILL BUY IT\!
I have heard the Dali's with Classe, Rotel and Sphinx.
Sphinx project18 was the best by far and without aftremarket powercord, then I set a Siltech G5 spx30mkII power cord and the sound improved dramtically. In my opinion a tube preamp (vtl, cary) and Sphinx project 18 is a fantastic match.
Bat solution sounds good to me also.
I had them and used a Bat 300XSE. Excellent match.
Heard them with Plinius and excellent match.

Harsh highs guys ? ? ?

Simply incredible midrange and highs.
I heard things that I never knew were on the recording.
I found them natural and sweet.
They are so clean and clear sounding one tends to listen at highish volumes.

Only speaker that I have heard as good or equal is the Magnapan 20.1.
Hi it's Vernicet. I have concluded my auditioning of the super amps Krell 350 fpb, Classe m400, AudioResearch VT-100 mk 3 modifie, and Mcintosh 501's all being mono blocks. The hands down winner is Mcintosh 501's Super, Super amp for any price range. Second was a toss-up the Classe and ARC are both great amps but the Mcintosh has it all Deep! bass Spine tingling Mid's and Super Crisp High's!!! It is so musical I can't turn if off at night. So i've been having to sleep an hour or two during the day when I get a chance. So if you have set hrs. to be at work don't kid yourself this amp will make you late for work if you're not carefull. Good Luck!!!
My component is Capitole MKII CD, Chord SPM4000 power, Chord CPA3200E pre and DaliMS5 speaker. The sound is very natural, clean and musical impression. I think the Chord amp is the best choice for the Dali because the bass production from this amp is better than tube amp.

All I can say is Tubes, Tubes, Tubes! I am using a SET 845 based integrated and I am astonished at the clarity in the treble section. Not harsh or "ear splitting". Very lush and warm but not harsh. I can listen all day long without fatigue.


Bud in Phoenix
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My system is MS4 speakers , amp is Plinius SB-301 and Cary Slp 05 preamp with factory upgrade. This work great with my speakers.