Amplification for Dali Helicon 300s

I know I can always count on the collective for insight and good leads.
I have a second system that does the double duty of home theatre and two channel listening. I have been running the Dalis with a Plinius 8100 and am thinking I can squeeze more out of them. I have an Audimecca Mephisto IIx cdp, a Lexicon RT-10 for movies and run the digital tv through the Plinius as well.
The Plinius is getting a bit long in the tooth. And for me somewhat too warm and not quite extended enough.

I have thought about moving up the Plinius line to a 9200 but also am thinking I may be able to improve upon the sound through the preowned market by going with separates, specifically a tube preamp and solid state amp. I need a remote on the pre for familial happiness.

Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.

Dodd battery pre? Sorry shameless plug.

I have an acquaintence in Boulder who is running his Dalis with Odyssey Extreme monoblock amps. He has a dedicated circuit for each amp as well. Very nice indeed. Factory direct too.


I don't own Helicons yet but I have been told that Clayton amps work well with Helicons. They are a SS amp with a tubey character, if you like that sort of sound.