Amplier Stand for Cary 805

Do you guys know of any amplifier stands (the kind that sit on the floor) designed for the Cary 805s or other ampliers with similar footprint?

I've seen the wooden framed stands for the Cary's but don't like the look. Personally, I like the design of Solidsteel racks, but I don't think they offer exactly what I'm looking for. Something a little more modern/sleek would be preferable.
Sound Anchor makes a dedicated stand for the Cary 805. They are a bit industrial looking, but very well built and effective. If you do not mind a stand that is wider than the Cary 805, try a pair of Symposium Ultra platforms which work very well and give you that more modern look. I have used both with my 805s.
Have a look at the Finite Elemente Master Reference amplifier stand with the Cerebase feet.....the HD9 would probably suit.The HD10 would probably be a bit on the large side.I use an HD9 and two HD10s for my Unision Reference preamp and power amps which are very large and heavy. I had the gear on a sprung wooden floor for a few months and the stands made a significant difference to the sound quality.....but they are a bit expensive.
I have a custom subwoofer platform from Hifi Pyon. They make amazing resonance control/absorbing platform/feet/stands. Search pyon and e-mail John. He may send you his online catalogue.

Regards Bacardi
I would highly recommend the amp stand from Symposium acoustics. Either the model Ultra or the Svelte would be a discernible difference in sound quality.
Thanks for all the responses. I'll have to check out the Synposiums. The FE stuff looks great but way over my budget!