Ampli Tube for Canterbury Tannoy

Inserisci il hello everyone, I have recently enrolled in this forum
I wanted to know who has had experiences with Tannoy Canterbury tube amplification and loudspeakers. I want to try but just out of curiosity how tube amplifiers interface, I would have the opportunity to try 2 Luxman MQ88-UC 20 watt bi-amp amps with CL38-UC pre-top or CL1000 pre-top

I'm just a bit puzzled because the Canterburys still want watts and current and currently use Jeff Rowland Model 8 TiHc amps and The Choerence Two series2 preamps a nice sound in a 12x7m acoustic treated rectangular room

I accept your valuable advice
greetings from Italy testo ...
Ciao. Yes you must have tube amps. Perhaps something with Gold Lion KT-88s or EL34s. Tube amps make good power and 25 watts should be loud enough. It is for me. Unless you like shaking the house down an amp with 2 power tubes per channel should do it, 4 power tubes if you want more and can deal with the heat. Perhaps a nice Italiano amp?
thanks for your answers, of course the el34 or even the 845 are excellent tubes I would like to look for more even if Mastersound and Unisonresearch are excellent brands ,,, then I need to find no mono but 2 stereo amps in bi-amp also because I use all biwiring so every channel 4 cables il tuo testo ...
hello Thanks to all for your precious answers, I noticed with Jeff Rowland model 8tihc that the sound is wonderful but when I turn up the volume enough with a pop / rock song I feel a bit annoying sound pressure a buummmmmm ,,,,,, , then I wonder by chance could my Jeff be the problem that having so many watts but also so many current peaks 120 amps could not make the Canterburys express to the maximum? as if they don't feel comfortable? and I also have a large living room and often when I listen to music the speakers disappear, let's say with a good setup and speaker position
OP -- you might want to talk to @lalitk. He has one of the nicest systems built around Tannoy Canterburys. I have no doubt he will lead you in the right direction. Good luck!
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well, I suspended the valve / tannoy combination and I chose the solid state, with Tannoy so now I am testing an integrated Mcintosh Ma8000 very good as an interface technically and electrically but it is not the sound I prefer then I will also try an Accuphase e800 but first I will try another great integrated Asr Emitter Excusive II Blue version ,,,, with the latter do you have experience?
@ilbaroncino In my experience you'll need more like 60 watts with that speaker unless you have a smaller room. If you use a 20 watt amp you may find you are pushing it too hard to hear both what the amp can do and what the speaker can do.