Amplfiers that Sound like Pass 30.8 that are not so heavy

I am moving  to a smaller house and I really need a amp that is not as heavy as the Pass 30.8. Currently it is hooked up to a pair of QLN Prestige 3's with Adrenaline Speaker cables, a SAS 11A preamp recently modified and upgraded and fed by a Pagoda DAC.  I love the sound of this amp with a the tube preamp. But....its just really to heavy for me to move around by myself. And yes I do go to the gym. Also it does put out some heat which is not the coolest thing in Florida. Any ideas on an amp that would be a good substitute for the 30.8's would really be appreciated.  My listening prefernces lean toward transparency and holographic instrument presentation. Thank all of you for your help and direction on my question. Best wishes to all for a healthy, safe and peaceful New Year.


Again, the AGD Audion mono blocks are very light with no heat and class D or not these are the best amps I’ve owned. Just for reference I also own the Coda #16.


+3 re AGD Audions, particularly when you seek transparency and “holographic” presentations.

Good luck!

Echoing some other views here, it is going to be difficult to replicate the sound of your 30.8 with something light. Any of the amps that I've heard (and I have heard quite a few) which are similar in sonic signature to the Pass are either transistor Class A or A/B designs which are heavily biased into Class A - e.g. the Parasound JC designs. Or they are push pull tube designs. 300B amps like the Arioso don't really sound like a Pass - more spotlight treble, less bass control and extension etc. I appreciate the heat issue in terms of Florida, but I would try to keep the 30.8s if at all possible. As previously suggested, an 25Int might be and acceptable compromise - but even it will be a compromise.

I mentioned AGD and I would also like to mention Linear Tube Audio to match or exceed anything from Pass.