Amping JM Reynaud Twins II

I've just picked up a pair of these for my office system. Any suggestions for budget (ie used, even vintage, under $500) amplification? Mainly low-volume listening. I'm open to trying tubes but I notice that while the sensitivity is high (90db) these are rated at 4ohms.
Audio Refinement Complete. The last one I bought I was able to pick up at 500 shipped. I think you would like the match. A similar sound to tubes, but with solid state power to back it up.
Disclaimer: I sell JM-Reynaud and Rega.

I would pick up sweet little nice tube integrated if you can find one and know a local repair guy. The JM's are very forgiving so be careful not to get a tube system that is too mellow or the system may lack jump - try some silver cables if you find this. Fifteen watts or so tube is plenty to drive them. Solid state sounds pretty good with them but make sure it is a nice refined 'sound quality first' solid state.

For new I match our Twins with our store Rega Brio with supra Ply 3.4S cables. For inexpensive tubes my favorite matches are my Fisher 400C tube receiver (can get these for $200-400) and AES-25 with tesla el-34 tubes. It's much more expensive, but the best amplifier was my cary 300SEI and an audiomecca enthuisas DAC driving them. WOW !

NAD C370 is another nice sounding amp but I have not heard them paired up. The newer sold-for-dollar equipment is much better than what was made a few years ago.