Amping Andra's

I have been using an ARC VT-130 on my original Andras for about 6 months now; while I feel the combination does not lack power or pace, imaging, depth & deep bass could be more satisfying.
This amp sounded beautiful on my previous Arial speakers & on these non-tube friendly puppies they've been unable to really sing.
Any suggestions guys?
I too have owned the original Andras. I had them for about a year, and tried them with a Krell KSA 200s, some Quicksilver tube monoblocks, and Bryston 7 BSTs.

While I was always more than pleased with the midrange and highs, but I was never totally happy with the bass response. I always felt that it was too lean for my taste. Both the Krell and the Brystons are noted for their bass capabilities, and their ability to drive difficult loads. I think the speakers are voiced for a "natural" bass sound and I am "unnatural".

I spent quite a bit of time moving the speakers around trying to to optimize the sound. When I had the speakers closer to the rear and side walls, there was more bass, but it was muddy, and the imaging and soundstage of the mid range and highs was poor.

I have since sold my Andras. In my discussions with Egglestonworks two years ago, they commented that one of the goals for the Andra IIs would be enhanced bass and a smoother, kinder impedance curve. I am looking forward to auditioning a pair of Andra IIs in the near future.

The upgrade price from Andras to the IIs is remarkably reasonable. If I still owned my pair of Andras, I would certainly investigate that path to better sound. I don't think you will find am amp with larger bass balls than the Bryston 7BST, and you will still be looking for more.
Gdolin's comments are very acute. I feel that the Andras' bass is very solid, and natural, if not as overwhelming (not a criticism) as Revel or B & W, but that if there is any slight problem, it is a bit of a suck-out in the very low midrange/higher midbass--the lower cello region in orchestral terms. I used Classe CAM-350's to drive them, and felt that it was a great combination in general--astonishing midrange clarity--but one which might have contributed somewhat to the leanness lower down. I tried my previous amps, Pass Aleph 2's, with them, and thought the sound was probably a bit richer, although the amps didn't have enough power to drive the Andras. I would bet the larger Pass X amps would be great with the original Andras, and from what I've heard, so would Rowlands. However, all bets are off, because the speakers are coming back from Memphis this week as Andra II's. Don't know what they'll sound like, but the people at EW were great to deal with.
I had the Andras and it took plenty of SS power to drive them to their potential. The Mcintosh 602 did it best.
Best amps for Andras, Levinson 332.5, 333.5, 335, 336, Mccormack DNA 2 Delux.
i heard them with my plinius sa 100 they sounds great,
i heard them also with classe 200 they sound natural,
from what iam reading on forum discussions odyssey
stratus monoblock upgrade will also work,the reason
while i like to try th S.O. because they are natural
without colorations, this is where i can find out what
this andra are.