Amphion Xenon vs Usher 6381

Looking to upgrade and I'd here your thoughts on these speakers. Both have gotten great press. Thanks in advance.
I have previously owned the Amphion and now I am an Usher dealer. The Usher's offer far deeper bass and a wider soundstage. The Usher's also cost less and play louder.

The Amphion is a very nice speaker but it is not as magical and the price is $5,000 vs $3,400.00 for the Ushers.
The Usher salesman will be here shortly.
Amphion Xenons - No doubt about it.

They have a super wide sound-stage with lots of 'air'. Deep solid bass and sweet, tangable mids. This is one of the great floorstanders in my view. I did a A/B comparison with them up against Zingali Overture 4's. The Amphions really measure up and has that foot-tapping 'swing' to them. At home with a wide variety of music genres. One of those rare 'musical' speakers.

(Test conducted with a Mimitism Int Amp & CD player, also a Tron 7 phono stage & a Scheu Reference III with Mørch 10" tone-arm & Benz Micro LP cartridge. Lavardin speaker cables, Harmonic Tech Interconn & Oyaide Power Cables)

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Dewald Visser
I have a pair of Xenon's for sale, so take my opinion with a grain if salt.

The Xenons have very little personality of their own. Their strengths are that they are very room friendly, detailed, have great base, and get the leading edges of notes correct. On the down side, they are not the best at reproducing subtle tonal color and their soundstage depth is only average for the price range.

I have enjoyed the Xenons, but ended up replacing them with more expensive Sonus Fabers.

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Incredible that the Usher sales rep once again favors his own product in a totally unbias comparison. Unless he has heard both speakers in the same room with the same electronics, I submit the recommendation is not only biased but flawed and useless.
All of course IMO.

PS the sales schtick is getting old.
I agree it is impossible to judge speakers unless it is in the same room with the same electronics. I'm selling a system just for that reason.

I will be auditioning both speakers and seeing if I can get a 30 day home audition with both speakers and Bel Canto Pre & Power Amps.

The point of this thread is to here what people think about these 2 different speakers. Pros and cons of metal drivers vs paper, dynamics, soundstage, resolution, etc. Thanks in advance.

I have got Xenons and know Usher.

I have occasion to listen to my Xenons with Bel Canto Evo4 power amp and the sound was lean. Although I am big fun of Amphion I recommend Usher speakers.

But remember Usher needs lots of space.
I own the Xenons. Although they sound very good, they do not sound as good as they did at the dealer. However I have not spent a lot of time and energy doing anything with the room. Are you guys keeping the foam in the ports?
You write about the foam so I think you have got the problems with bass.
The best result I achive by placing speakers with woofers outside, without the foam.
Yeah, that is how I have mine set up. thanks. by the way I am using them with a Cayin AT88 integrated.
to Audiofeil,

I owned the Xenons! As well as many other speakers before I took on the Ushers. I guess if you believe in your product than you are a "salesman." I also sell Dali and many other speakers, I believe in Usher and I have personally comparied various models to B&W 802D, Sonus Faber Grand Concerto, Von Schwerikert VR 4JR originals, Meadowlark, and Xenon.

Your tirade against me is unfounded and tiresome. I will allow any audiogoner to come and vistit my showrooms and see my half a million dollars worth of display equipment, then lets see how much you put your money where your mouth is?

I know what I speak because I have been doing this professionaly for 20 years before opening my own shop. I worked for two of the most prominent audio stores in New York, what are your qualifications?

I know good sound when I hear it do you?
Sir, from your prior posts it appears you have a great deal of experience in the business. In most circumstances, I would believe what is posted and have no doubts. However, given all of the self promotion and bravado contained within your posts, I cannot with any certainty accept any of it as fact.

I believe these threads are designed for the exchange of opinion, information, and ideas but not for the use of opportunists and cheerleaders.

Finally, I do not doubt your enthusiasm, energy, or desire to succeed; only your conduct here.
Usher 6381 owners. What is your speaker placement. How close to the rear and side wall. How far are they placed apart. Are they room friendly? My room is 15x26x9 and slightly live.Thanks.

I like my Amphion Xenons in so many ways I cannot describe. They sound great anywhere in my home, which has hardwood floors. They sound detailed and full at lower listening levels, which my wife admires most. They reproduce simple jazz and voices with life-like detail. They reproduce a large soundstage. They are simply elegant and do not require much floor space. They perform well and sound great with my CJ tube amp.

My local audiophile dealer, Primus Audio Pleasure in Kansas City, recommended the Conrad Johnson MV60ES amp with 6550's (which I understand is going to be discontinued by CJ soon). Great amp for Xenons.

At the time, I did not have a lot of money for a preamp so Primus' Zach Doering suggested I could buy his older demonstrator model Camelot Uther DAC with the latest upgrades and volume control. The Uther turned-out to be very a functional and musical device:

1) I connect my Toshiba laptop iTunes library through a $149 HagUSB via digital coax.

2) I connect my old $99 Manavox DVD/CD player via a digital coax. We already owned the el cheapo Magnavox and I decided not to buy a new universal transport until this old one breaks down. CD's and DVD's sound great for $99.

3) I connect my digital cable box via toslink and listen to music channels, watch Austin City Limits, PBS concerts or movies with stereo (no surround sound for me).

Back in the late 1980's and early 90's, I owned uber-expesive Jeff Rowland amps/preamp and B&W 801's.

As you can tell, I am now a simpler man with simpler needs (translates to: I have kids and a wife). The Xenons were the most expensive part of my system. My new system cost much less and is more musical.
Primus is where I got my Xenons as well. Great place and great people. I hope they do well. The Xenons are indeed great speakers and I think they are very under rated.
I would go for the Amphion Prio 620 over either of the above two choices.