Amphion Xenon & Usher CP-6381: Comments??

Hi All,

My search for midsize floorstanders has taken a number of unexpected turns. I am at a position to try out and purchase one of the 2 mentioned speakers (Amphion Xenon or Usher Audio CP-6381). Please, I must ask NOT to suggest other speakers as these two are is currently available to me, and within budget.

I am looking for any opinions and comments from those who either own or have heard either of these two speakers. s.

Thanks for any input!
Hi, I just posted some comments on another thread regarding the Usher sound, as I previously owned the 6381's. Do a quick search to see. Basically a very good sounding speaker, competitive with some at 2X their 3400. retail price. I have not heard the Xenon's :) Ken
I just auditioned the Xenon's last week. I like them so much I ordered a pair. They disapear and image pretty well for a floorstander, have a very defined and detailed base, and were very musical/enjoyable. Plus, they seemed like a speaker that was easy on the ears. That is not to say they were polite. I listen to rock mainly, and if they were polite, I wouldn't have chosen them. I'm sure the dealer had the Xenon set up in a system they worked with (synergy). I am anxious to hear how they sound in my own setup and I hope I can get close to the enjoyable sound I heard at the dealer.
I have read that Usher is a bit muddy in the bass.
Amphion Xenon is much better overall. I would say a very good speaker and a steal at the price. At least in Europe.
The finish is very good and it looks elegantand sleek.
Get the amphion.
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the responses. Have you guys ever gotten a chance to hear the VSA VR4-Jr's? They have just come up and are available to me too. Would you recommend them or would you still prefer the Usher (Kehut) or Xenon (Kclone and stefan)??

I have not heard the VR 4 Jrs. The dealer I bought the Xenons from carried the VR 4 JRs too. When I went over my criteria for speaker recomendations to audition with them on the phone, I ask about the VR 4s. They said based on my criteria, the VR 4 Jrs would not be a good fit.
I owned the VR2 previously...based on my experience with the 2, I was not interested in the 4jr. VSA is too forward a sound for my tastes. My 6381's were not in the least bit musshy in the bass.( proper placement is mandatory on the Ushers due to the rear port) I just found them a very well balanced and rather neutral sound, but not as warm or dynamic as my 801's with my equipment. Again I cannot comment on the Xenon speaker as I have not ever heard it.