Amphion Speakers?? Need opinions about them

Amphion is a little known speaker company from Finland with few outlets in the States; therefore, it is very difficult to audition them I need some input about two particular models: The Athene(2 way floorstander) and the Creon( 3way floorstnader) Has anyone heard these speakers?? What is the quality of their sound, that is, bright, soft, analytical etc??? Also how good is the bass response and soundstaging?? I have read one review about the "Creon", The reviewer basically claimed that it is very accurate,and revealing, but also analytical and somewhat cold. Is this true?? What other hi-end speaker does it sound similar to??? Thank you!!
Unfortunately I have not tried the Athene or the Creon but have good experience with the Amphion which I had the chance to demo at home for a week. Not sure if it's any help but here's my two cents.

They are detailed and transparent, and imaging is very precise and focused. On the downside, I found them a little lacking in body, cold, and metallic sounding. I would certainly agree with the opinion about them being analytical and somewhat cold. Not sure whether that's due to the metal tweeter and metal woofer.

Anyway, I didn't keep them and now have Nautilus 805 instead. In my opinion, there are better speakers to be had for the price.
For whatever it's worth: from having heard Amphion floorstanding two or 21/2-ways at the Montreal show two years ago, I would agree that they were on the analytical side. They were nevertheless quite involving.
Forgot to mention that the model I tried was the Argon.