amphion one18 vs decapo vs AN-J vs salk continuum

hi guys, I have had in my house and own for a few weeks ref3a decapo be, audio note an-j lx and amphion one18 and salk continuum.

this comparison was used with the same amp, same cable and same source in the same room. I have not had those three speakers at the sme time, so I only use my memory. I have had those three speakers in the last 5 month. in august, I had ref3a decpo be, then in september AN J Lx, then have used the amphion one 18 for the last month and half.

decapo: more detailed then continuum, highs better then continuum and bass better then continuum, more extension of bass, but the high mid have problems. sound is thin and harsh for the high mid low treble. imaging amazing. sound really coherent, but theres a harshness that ruins it all for me. dynamic good. a bit clinical, not really musical.

AN J: musical, lacks detail, best tone ive ever heard, but serious lack of resolution. imaging less then good. mid perfect. bass sloppy. high recessed a bit. lack detail in highs. good dynamic. too warm, not neutral enough.

Continuum: NO harshness yet no lack of detail. decapo bit more detailed but continuum real close. coherent, okay dynamic, okay musical, great bass. lacks extension but truly good weight in the mid. really neutral. They have no obvious problem, where as decapo and anj has some problems.
the continuum sounds right. My only problem is id like more details in the highs and more extension in bass. sounds thin in the bass compared with decapo or anj, but what is there is TIGHT and Punchy, where as AN J is a bit boomy. no subwooer can add the missing wieght in the bass but the mid is just great and high is also great.

amphion one18
`FWIW, I have received my amphion one18 studio monitors.

Short and sweet, they are by far the best speaker I have ever heard. they slay, destroy and annihilate everything I have ever heard before??? talk about a nuit de noce. my best friend and girlfriend that has followed every step in my hobby for 5 years now and who has heard all the variation of my systems are also blown away and cannot believe how good the amphion are. its like, I was in low-fi all this time, and now, this is hifi!

Thing is, its such a huge step compared to audio note anj, ref 3a decapo, tannoy red 15 and wilson cub, focal cms 50, kh120 and everything else ive ever had, that I dont know what to think.

The amphion one 18 is so transparent I thought the decapo was trasparent, but the amphion is another big leap forward. the amphion one 18 is the most amazing sound I have ever heard. the bass is so clear, controlled and full yet just right. Its hard to describe but the bass is perfectly like you hear on headphones. clean, stop go stop go, kind of bass. always right with the right amount of punch. never boomy. weird seriously. it doesnt seem to bounce off the wall like all the other speaker I have ever had. it kind of stick to the image and with the sounds, never kind of escape. Its the best way I can describe the effect. They sound like my continuum for that. the but the continuum do not image even close to the amphion, but the bass of the amphion is like sealed enclosure, but better . I think the enclosure makes the sound not escape to much and reverbate in the room, they seem to interact less with the room then everything else I have had in my room.

Mentioning dynamics doesnt even make justice on how fast the speaker is. its like theres no speaker anymore. Its definitely the most dynamic sound I have ever heard. The overall resolution is so clear, its like no speaker. they disapear ridiculously. its like I hear the sound, no speaker in a room at all.

The amphion one18 beats the transparency of my hd 650 easily imaging is scary. phantom center is the most stable, pin point image I have ever heard. I hear the most subtle musical information, I can isolate every sound and analyse what is happening in the mix.

The thing that is the most impressive is how much of the reverbs and the room used in the production! I can hear all the small details of reverb, all the delay in the notes. a piano with all the harmonics are portrayed in a way I didnt knew it was possible. I can hear every back vocalist and almost focus on them and understand each delay of singners and sustain notes of instruments ect I can honestly say I have never experience that, not even in headphones. You hear all the details in the instruments. the harmonics of the piano is all there, they breathe and all the hard sustain and delayed notes are all portrayed. I feel there no speaker, but the real piano.
The image is lock stable. always normally, the image seems to kind of float and drift just a little. Not with the amphion.

For me, they are litteraly perfect. They are at ease even with very fast electronica, where as anj lx just crumbled witha a lot of fast bass. Im simply blown away by how much better it is then decapo, anj, kef ls 50. its not a subtle amelioration, its literally like going from low fi to hifi.

studio monitors are where its at I guess. Im not a audiophile anymore. thatnk god. With some distance, I can say that decapo and anj are very colored, as is my continuum and my dad wilson and tannoy.
the amphion could be describe as transparent. you dont listen to a speaker, its very true to the source.

I'm in heaven!
I have the de CApo and have not heard the other speakers but the know the audio note and the de capo are about 92db which if you have low power tubes works well.

What amp are you using?
worst thing, is all test have been done with a 12 W amp class D, but I also have used with every speaker a diy 10 pp dht tube amp, a topping tp 20, a diy art0 tripath 12W amp (my main amp), a exposure 2010s and a marantz 2238b.

No matter the amp, all speaker still retained all their overall characteristic.

I really recommend highly the amphion one18.

Someone just compaared his spiral groove sg 1, his proacs response d, barefoot mm27 and he also seem to definitely much prefer amphion over those speakers.

I have listen to many many opther speakers. They are a bargain. ridiculous bargain at 3k plus shipping.

Its really a huge step up compared to the ref3a decapo be I had and also an j lx.
Congratulations on the Amphion, I am hoping to hear them. How did you feed the AN/J's, when you had them?
fjn: with all my various amps.

the source is either a:
ec design sd player sd 1, a sl-1200 with dl103 and modified musical fidelity vlps phono stage (modified with the help of thorsten loesch) and a hrt music streamer 2
Gotcha! Enjoy the new speakers (-:
I been offered a pair of Two 18, replacing my Amphion Xenon speakers.
Can you tell me how the treble sounds ? what kind of amp/front end are you using, and what kind of stands are you using?
Have you tried the new Klipsch designs like the RP-280F? Similar crossover, similar driver material.