Amphion Helium 520


I am planing to buy the Amphion Helium 520 speaker which are 4 ohms speaker, so i was wondering if anyone could help me make my choice on the integrated amplifier that would best match those speakers.

I was thinking of the following one but any additional input and choce would be welcome.
Nad C375 BEE
Naim Nait 5
Exposure 2010 S2

Thank you
I'd consider Krell S300 or if budget OK, I'd get McIntosh MA6300
thank you but those two are a little over my budget, since i was looking into the 1500 USD.

any additional suggestion?
I'd pick Krell KAV300i or KAV400i. Both are excellent integrated onces within your budget.
thank you, those that means tha thte one i mentioned are not recomanded?
I don't know too much about ones you've listed, but definitely recommended Krell KAVs are excellent integrated amps that are step up from NAD C375BEE.
How about Musically Fidelity A5? (250 watts)
I had this unit. It was awesome!!
I was thinking about these as well. Can anyone comment on the sound. Was thinking of mating them with some Bryson amplification