Amphion Argon 3

I am interested in getting these speakers. I have read the reviews, have talked with some dealers, seen some posts about them. I have not been anle to hear them in person, due to my location. I want to hear from owners of these little gems. Get some feedback on how well you like them. Thanks in advance.
Mattcone, Your a serial thread starter!!!! I have counted at least 5 threads that you have started on standmount speakers. The silly thing is that you don't even particpate in the threads, not to mention listen to anyones advice. On your last thread you mentioned that your new speakers will be going in an armior. It's not a good idea to put a rear ported speaker in space like that.
Also, the Argon are not efficient at 86 db. Your 55 watt amp would not be a great match. The last speakers I had were around 86 db and I used a 250 amp to get good results.
It seems like you keep starting theads to get the answer you want to hear, so the Argon 3's are awesome, go for it!!
That said, do try to particpate in a thread in which start. You may learn something, and get to sound you are after. I asked you a few questions in another one of your threads which will help in your quest. How big is your room, listening level spls, music , are you running a sub,are you sticking with this amp and speaker placement for the long run?
Todd i think your wrong about a 55 watt amp pusing a 86db speaker. I use a pair of Merlin TSMXe speakers with a ST85 Tube amp in Triode 35 watts, sounds good to me, just my opinion.........
Thanks for the advice. I just wanted to hear from owners of these. I had a feeling I was a bit underpowered for these. I'll do my best to not be one of those serial posters.
I think all Todd was suggesting is that you be sure to give your feedback and input as well on these forums, in addition to asking quetions you'd like answered.

The Amphions look great, but haven't heard them. I do own some speakers with a waveguide design (SP Tech Minis, which I coincidentally bought from Todd). And based on them, I would certainly recommend looking into waveguide designs. SP Tech is now Aether Audio and they also have the Spirit which has gotten good reviews from users as well.
Hi Mattcone, Sorry if this came off a bit harsh. No harm was meant. I like many others do a ton of online research before we pull the trigger.
Have you read the 2 reviews at Sounstage? One is for the Argon3 and Argon2. Both reviews were glowing, and I am sure these are fantastic speakers. But you must be careful to match you amp and room space to a speaker selection to get great sound. If you said these would be on stands and 2 feet from the front wall, and you had 150 watt amp, I would say the Argons might be perfect for your space. From a recent thread you had mentioned the speakers going in your armoir. In that case a 200 to 600 dollar Triangle speaker may be the perfect choice , being that it's front ported and very efficient. Best of luck with your search!
The room that these will go in is 15 x 30 with 8.5' ceilings. I will have a sub to help out with the low end. I listen to rock and jazz with an occasional movie here and there. I might move up to a better amp, but will stay with the Sonos 55 watt amp for now. As far as SPL's go, I do push it loud every so often.
The Argon will be plenty loud with 55w, as long as its a decent amp. From what I understand you can't go solely by efficiency rating, you need to look at the response curve which with the Argon turns out to be an easier load than the efficiency rating alone would leave you to believe. I'm not claiming to fully understand the principles involved, this is from what I've read. I pushed the Argons with the 60w Ayre integrated and they sounded fantastic up to higher levels than I could normally tolerate. Plenty of bass, I would listen before you run out for a sub. You may want it, but check it without first. Good stands are essential IMO.
Mattcone, did you ever buy the Argon 3s? Thoughts?
These are perhaps the best bookshelf speakers I've heard. Poor recordings sound terrible! This speaks to just how revealing these speakers are. I sold my n805s immediately upon hearing them. They are being run with an mc275 tube amp as I found them a tad bright with SS amps. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a pair.