Amphion Argon 3

Actually with Argon anniversary with class D amp, accurate and amazing sound.

What about Argon3 ? Anyone has listened both models?

What´s the improvement?

Asking too for a relative low cost class D with neutral and very acurate sound and resolution, my amp it´s a little colored on mid/highs zone.

I can not comment on the Argon; You may want to audition the Wyred4sound class D amps. I curently have a ST500 and have been very impressed with the accuracy, dynamics, total absence of noise and fine build quality. An outstanding value for the money, in my opinion.

FYI- I use this with a Grace M902 pre/dac/headphone amp and efficent Zu Omen speakers, all digital sources from Onkyo SACD/CD as transport and Macbook as server. I find it to be a great system at a relatively modest cost.